Who is this human being?
The first episode of his creation is from earth , it is humiliating
The place trampled by all beings
The second incident of his creation is from semen emitted from the repulsive channel
It is humiliating and also degrading
If it is wasted, no one is collecting it to put it at the place of honor
His sweat, the smell is nauseating
Whoever is nearby, his soul would agonize
The secretions out of his nose and ears are all disgusting
The excretions at the second way out are even worse, foul and embarrassing
Those are removed in the toilet
A place which is contemptible and disgusting
His tongue is also often used to harm , not for goodness
Slandering , gossiping , back biting , abusive , insulting
All these are the unseen and spiritual waste matter
These unseen and spiritual waste matter are very dangerous
They are pests of human society
His mind , his intelligence , his skill and knowledge
Commonly are to defraud, and for self-interest
His desire is worse , it is a criminal in himself that is destructive
His heart is always dominated by his lust
The king of the government within himself being controlled by his enemies
This evil king is the one who leads and prohibits
Thus, the whole of human life is destroyed
How could human being be noble ?
What is so special about human beings ?
Being noble, the main thing is if he has faith and righteousness
Otherwise, only the rotten things exist in humans .

after Asr


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