Hereafter is the second nation for us to live in after this world

Over there is our eternal abode

Our comfort or hardship over there is set by how we live in this world

Be wary of living in this world so that we will not suffer and be in misery over there

There are only two places over there, Heaven and Hell

The righteous and taqwa people go to Heaven , the wicked and cruel go to Hell

Do look for our provisions with taqwa for our comfort and pleasure over there

Without taqwa, Hell will be the consequence, a horrible and agonizing place to stay

Be wary of living in this world which is temporary

Be devoted to Allah Taala and His creations

Do not be human beings who are so neglectful and like a pest

Later in the Hereafter we may not be able to bear the torment and misery

Love Allah and do fear Him , and do love His creatures

Do become someone who is devout and faithful to God

It is all right to deal with a little inconvenience which is temporary

For us to escape the troubles in Hereafter which is eternal

Let us redeem our short hardships in the Hereafter

With a little trouble , that does not last long

Let us regret earlier, a later regret is no longer useful

Let us perseveringly look for our provisions for the Hereafter

Before Asar


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