Life is beautiful

When the leaders are fair and proper and loving their own people

Parents educate their children with full of love and care

Members of the community help one another and they work together

Allah is adored, worshiped and obeyed

The Sunnah or traditions of the Prophet are followed like flowers blooming in the morning

To love and care for fellow beings becomes a culture

To forgive and asking for forgiveness becomes a tradition

The scholars are like the stars shining at night

Becoming a guide for the travelers on a journey

They are guided safely towards their destination

So that they can avoid any disruption and being lost

There are no castes in the society

Everyone has a place matching their abilities

Nothing is neglected and marginalized

Human rights are guaranteed and protected

Traveling anywhere safely without any worry

There is no interruption in the journey

Wherever you make a stop, you are greeted with Ahlan Wasahlan

You become a guest who are honored and well managed



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