What is it in this world that has value in the sight of Allah ?

Wealth, rank , money , orchard, home

None has any value with Allah

If the world is liken to money

Money even though it has a value, it is based on the numeric value on the note

It does not provide any benefit whatsoever

if it is not interchangeable with other things

Once interchanged, then it has value and benefit

When it is converted, then that money is not money anymore

If that money is being kept only

Not even exchanged with anything

Not changed with clothes, food , beverages , vehicles , etc.

It has the same fate as a plain paper

There is no value whatever , having money is meaningless

Even though on the notes there is value

Based on the figures printed on it

So , now we understand that the money will benefit when we change it

Similarly, with the pleasures of this world

if we do not change its value with the value of Hereafter

Like our property , use it to help the needy and sacrifice for the sake of Allah

Our energy , use it to serve  people or the servants of God

Our knowledge , use it to lead people in the world so that their religion and lives are in the right path

Our rank and position , use it to defend and protect the public

Then the world has value for the Hereafter

The world has been changed with the Hereafter

If it is not changed, the world will simply turn to a carcass.


Before Maghrib



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