God is very kind , He does not punish the disobedience of His servants immediately

God leaves them alone first

God is giving them the chance to think, to be aware and to realize

By God making them see with their eyes various incidents

Incidents which are either positive or negative to make them aware and realize

Or God is punishing them slowly little by little

or punishing them occasionally so that they realize

After going through various lessons and yet they still do not realize

God will then take away suddenly all the pleasures and grace

Like a sudden death, prolonged paralysis , a heavy calamity

Chaos in the family , there is no love and care between them

Or God just leaves them without being punished

After they are dead, only then they will be punished severely

Punishment like a painful death, sufferings in the grave , sufferings in the Field of Mahsyar

the peak of all the sufferings is Hell

Do take note of this narration

While we are still alive, we still do have time to think and correct ourselves

The time is not yet too late

Do return soon to God

Do fear Allah and love Him

Do love and care for each other among people

What more among our own families

Once we are dead, the door to all opportunities for us to correct ourselves is closed

Do be aware and realize from now before it’s too late


Before Zuhur








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