O Allah, You are the God who created me, Your servant

Your servant who is poor and vulnerable

The one who has desires or lust which is always tempting, the devil that is always deceiving

How could I clean myself from sins

How could I get away from being guilty

O Allah, I seek with Your grace

I ask with Your love

Please give me the strength to protect myself

From the temptations of lust and deception of Satan

If I commit any sin and offense

Please remind me to repent

That repentance of mine, please accept it O Allah

That is, every time I commit any sin

Please remind me again to repent

As time goes on, please continue to accept my repentance O God

Because those who repent are considered as innocent

Hopefully when I return to you

I am free of sins

Your wrath no longer exist

Please save me from Hell

I am weak, that I expect from you, O God

Please accept my petition Ya Rahim , Ya Rahman




10:00 pm






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