All human nature like other people to be good ,
When other people are good, it is in their favor even though they themselves find it difficult to do good deeds
Some people like other people to be fair , honest , generous ,
tolerant, forgiving, helping each other and many other good deeds
Except when there is jealousy ,
While the kind people because of their kindness, they are loved by many and they are influential too ,
These good people will be opposed , especially those who are also influential ,
They are slandered, accused, envied and their vulnerabilities are sought after
Why are people behaving like so ?
Because mortals are really selfish,
They love kindness from other people, they themselves do not like to do good deeds
They love good people, but not to the extent of those people being loved
and become influential because of their kindness,
Other influential people during their times are also envious of them ,
This situation happens every time at every era ,
The same thing happened to the Messengers and good people during their era ,
Similar attributes happen to everyone ,
Even the scholars except the people who are righteous and God-fearing ,
This disease is the cause of chaos in the lives of people in the society ,
This disease is the one that impedes the truth in every era ,
It also happens to the scholars who are not afraid of God ,
Especially , if that person is challenging his influence,
In fact, at the end of time, this disease happens a lot among the religious scholars
Except the scholars who fear God, but this is not very often ,
Such is the human character in every era if they do not fear God ,
The reason why to fear God is important ,
Not having any fear of God, it is the cause of all disease and the mushrooming of all negative symptoms in the society,
That is why it is important to fight for God until He is feared and loved ,
That is the secret on how to eradicate the disease in society
For security and peace of mankind, for them to live in harmony



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