O Allah, You are peace.
Hence peace comes only from You and by You
O Allah, You are also Most Exalted and Most High while we, Your servants are most flawed and most low-down.
With that, we promise that we will really listen and are willing to be obedient with utmost obedience to You and Your people.
So we beg You, O Allah, may You be willing to make us repent and to please forgive all our sins,
as You will return us to You, isn’t that so, O Allah.
O Lord, please send Your help continuously for Rasulullah SAW and his people
especially to all the fighters who are also helping to fight for Allah and Rasulullah’s supremacy.
And with Your Power, please devastate all the non-believers who have inflicted pain and destruction
on the religion of Allah and Rasul in the name of Islamic religion.
Please destroy Your enemies O Allah.
Why are You willing to be humiliated for so long by Your servants, O Lord?
And please help us against all the evilness that they had put us through, O Allah.
You have the Supreme Power of ‘Arash, don’t You?
We beg You to please shatter the enemies, please disperse their gatherings, please minimize their numbers
and please shake and topple their positions and power,
and why don’t You inflict upon them severe punishment
to stop their excessive attitudes and their cruelty upon You, Your religion and upon Your people?
Please do it, O Lord, with Your Most Protective as Your character.
Please save us, please save them as well.
We beg again and as the final, O Lord.
Please help us, O God.
Please help us, O God.
Please help us, O God, from all the cruelties of the disbelievers.
And for that please forgive our sins and let us die as martyrs or die as one of Your people.
O Allah, please grant us in the name of Rasulullah SAW, his entire family and his companions.
O Allah please save our Mursyid, our Syeikh, their whole family and their congregation,
including the entire ahlul bait.
O Allah, please grant peace and blessings to our Prophet, Nur Muhammad, the Prophet of the souls, the Prophet for the end of time and also for his whole family and companions.

You are Most Exalted, O Allah, from all their evil thoughts about You,
All of the Messengers are blessed.
All praise are for You, O Allah, the Owner of the entire Universe.




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