Generally the Muslims today ,
The way they think has been tarnished ,
Their aim in life has been distorted ,
If they talk among themselves , whether at home, at the office , in public places ,
It will be mostly about food, clothing , position, salary , promotion and entertainment ,
Rarely, do they talk to each other about the struggle ,
or talk about the Afterlife, about God, it is even more rarely spoken of
Besides talking to each other, they do the additional gossiping ,
Whether they gossip about their neighbors, their co-workers, even their own spouses get to gossiped,
Matters of religion are rarely discussed ,
Similarly, the question of the fate of their race and nation does not interest them,
As if God does not exist ,
And the Hereafter is not the final destination of human beings ,
Sins and rewards are not in their dictionary of life,
They are simply chatting away about the joyful and fun things ,
Or about the things that sadden them ,
They continuously chat away about these things for hours, wasting their time,
Their fate in the Hereafter is not in their conversation ,
What more about God, it is not in their conversation ,
As if God does not exist ,
As if God has no relationship in their lives ,
As if God has no role in their lives ,
As if God has no interference in their survival ,
The reason why they are not interested to talk about God .
They are not interested to talk about sins and rewards ,
They are just interested to talk about food and drink ,
And about other things as we have mentioned earlier,
Only occasionally, God enters their minds ,
At times when they are facing hardships, facing a disaster , only then they need God ,
So that God will save them ,
Once the hardships and disaster have disappeared ,
They forget God instantly,
As if after that, God does not intervene on their lives anymore,
And if hardships and disaster reappear,
God will come back to their minds again,
So their need of God is only seasonal ,
Not at all times ,
To them God is very cheap ,
God’s role is very little ,
That is when they want to get rid of hardships and disaster ,
Only then God is needed again ,
This is the characteristic of human beings at the end of time
They are very rude towards their God ,
God is needed only at specific times,
By right, God is needed at every moment ,
The need for human survival ,
There is not a single moment when human being can escape from Allah, God of the universe ,
Truly, God is everything for every human being.


Before Zuhur


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