Many people declare themselves as Muslims
They feel offended if they are said to be a non-Muslim
But they do not care on the aspects of faith or iman
They neglect Syariah, moral values seem small to them
When Hereafter are said to be a priority, they feel offended
Mentioning Allah Taala is more like a tradition
It is not from a fearful heart or not with a soul that feels for God
Or God is mentioned more as a pleasing word, solely as a tradition
What they have in mind and what they talk about are only on progress
Its developments, its developer and wealth
As if progress, developments and wealth are everything there is
And yet, how many of those who have progressed and are wealthy
Their households are in a mess
Their children, their wives do not agree with one another
There is no love and care, there is no harmony in their lives as a family
They have never felt any peace and joy
Emptiness within their souls, their thoughts are in confusion
The side effects are, they have bad temper, they are easily offended and they sulk easily
It appears that developments, progress and wealth do not guarantee the delivery of love and care
Luxury in life does not guarantee harmony within a family
With wealth,  there is no guarantee it will bring happiness….

Before bedtime




  1. I like this post, enjoyed this one thank you for putting up. No man is wise enough by himself. by Titus Maccius Plautus. ecgdacecaaec

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