History shown to us seems to be strange
Most of the renowned Muslim figures were from those who have suffered
Many of the Muslim figures and leaders were from the poor group of people
Quite a number of them were orphans
Rasulullah, his name is famous, he was an orphan
He was also poor, and his enemies were everywhere
He was like a nomad, seeking refuge
But his success in bringing up the truth was unparalleled
Sayidina Ali, he was poor since childhood
He was not that handsome either
But his knowledge was abundant, he was remarkably pious and devout
His crusade was incomparable
His sacrifices and service for Islam were extensive
Imam Syafie, his name is famous
An imam mujtahid who was unmatched
His knowledge was abundant which become our heritage
His was significantly pious and devout during his lifetime
But who is he?
He was an orphan, his mother was poor
His life was like a nomad, moving everywhere
That was where his success that brought knowledge and piety
Look at the fifth mujaddid, Imam Ghazali
A renowned Sufi , a fiqh scholar and a philosopher
His knowledge is still being used to this date
He was a poor person
His father died before his adulthood

Knowledge Generate Civilization
Knowledge should be sought
Do not ignore and do not neglect
Once knowledge is obtained , it should be practiced
It will generate progress
Knowledge of faith , knowledge on development
These two knowledge should be intergrated
So that development achieved is rooted with faith
That was commanded by God
Knowledge is an asset
Its worth is better than money
With knowledge, one can achieve wealth
But with wealth, it does not bring knowledge
Without knowledge, there is no progress
How can we develop the nation
With knowledge, there is progress
With knowledge, the nation can advance
Progress needs to be developed
Development needs knowledge
A nation without any progress , they will forever be a disgraced nation


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