O Allah ! How weak and lowly Your servant is

Being powerless and without any strength

The power and strength, both are completely Yours

Even if while I am sitting

You can make me tumble down

You can take my life

And You can make me forgetful

While I am having my rest

You can make me dizzy all of a sudden

I can fall down

I can be unconscious, in fact I can even die

While I am having my meals

You can make me choke

I can have a bone stuck at my throat

At anytime, I can plunge down to the ground

While I am talking, You can do anything with me

You can me forget about something that I wish to say

At that moment, I can be coughing

I may even collapse at that time

While I am sleeping

You can put me into a deep sleep and continue to be asleep

That is from the beginning I had a small sleep, then continued to a big sleep

Or as soon as I get up from a sleep, then I can just die off

That is all up to You

You can do anything to me

Wherever I am , whenever, in whatever situation

You can do whatever to me

I don’t have any power at all

There is no strength at all within me

The reason why I put my fate entirely to You

My health , my nourishments , my security , I do submit to you

My relaxation , my comfort and my happiness

I am certain that You do not oppress Your servants

If so , my entire life and death

I surrender everything to You

As I do not have any power whatsoever

It is up to You, O Allah

But I am in favor of You



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