God is very important in our daily lives
Living solely with natural instinct is insufficient
Fitrah is another word for human natural instincts or human needs
These needs, some are important while some are less important
There is only one main desire or need
That is the need or desire to have God in life
The less important ones are numerous
which include the need for love and care, friendships
love for beauty, peace and harmony, serenity, love for noble characters such as gentleness, generosity, humility, forgiving etc
Actually, we are able to live in peace and harmony simply with our natural instincts
When the instincts are still good, undamaged and not polluted by the surroundings
Peace from natural instincts is not peace from God
God does not wish for us to have peace and be good entirely dependent on natural instincts
As He wishes for us to be good because of Him
Peace and goodness solely based on natural instincts will not withstand trials and tribulations
A good person based totally on natural instincts
Would not withstand trials and tribulations
A good person based completely on natural instincts
When faced with tests, his goodness will diminish and his negative characters will surface
An angry and temperamental person, for example, will feel calm and composed in peaceful surroundings
Once he is under pressure and faced with difficulties,
He will be annoyed and be out of control
Someone who is impatient and not in acceptance (redha) appears calm and composed when all his needs are met
But when his needs are limited and he becomes poor
He would be disturbed and disgruntled
And he may even gives up
And it goes on
Living with God means God is the essence or core in life
God is the faith and the control
Every aspects of life is connected with God
We are relying on God’s strength
Peace, serenity and harmony in the society are all the results from love and fear of God
All desirable characters in an individual are the result of mujahadah ( battle with nafs )
And self correction urged by the fear of God
When we live with God, it is easy to feel calm and patient with hardships and tests
As we are totally dependent on God
If in times of hardship, we are able to be calm and composed
What more in times of comfort and wealth
God is Most Gracious and Most Merciful
He desires Himself to be involved in every aspects and problems of His servants
It is as if God is disappointed when He is not included in our daily lives and problems
To God, His servants are His belongings
He is the only One most deserving to help and assist His servants
Let us not put God aside but to live with Him




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