Muslims of today, they take extreme care of their physical body ,
Even with a minor pain, they hurriedly take on medication
Feeling a little weak, they started looking for a nutritious meal ,
If they are physically restrained, they quickly search for medicine ,
They will do all sorts of ​​exercise
To strengthen their physical ,
To strengthen their body,
So they will manage their food and health ,
So that they are physically healthy, feeling fresh and smart ,
But we do wonder, for their self-esteem
It seems to be ignored,
While their fortitude and self defense are left unattended ,
Social disorders amongst the Muslim communities ,
The problems that arise in the lives of Muslims
It is not because of their physical illness,
But due to the sickness of their souls,
Their own identity are torn apart ,
The Muslims have ill will towards each other
Not because of their infectious skin ,
But due to their contagious souls ,
Muslims are not able to be united not because they are physically unhealthy ,
But their souls are attacked by the ill traits or mazmumah,
Which is dividing society ,
Muslims are living on their own, with their own individual interests ,
They are not physically ill ,
But they live on their own ,
Their souls are not healthy ,
Among the diseases are :
Being selfish , uncaring about others,
Muslims of today are disgraced everywhere
Not because they are physically destroyed ,
But their souls have been shattered ,
In other words ,
The Muslim identity has crumbled and collapsed ,
If we wish to correct these Muslims
It is not to organize sessions on how to look after physical defects ,
But the Muslims must organize something on how to look after their inner disorders
So that they can be treated until they are recovered ,
So that the identity of Muslims becomes upright once again .






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