If a servant has an adequate knowledge
His soul is righteous that his heart is guided
He will be seen as someone who is calm and composed
His acts of worship especially his prayers, are well disciplined
When confronting people, he is full of wisdom and gentleness
He is highly revered, his character is noble
Everyone is comfortable with him
If he is a leader, he is truly adored and loved
His work is well arranged and managed
He is calm, not rushed and well disciplined
He is very skillful in human interactions
He is very well mannered with his Lord
He is in acceptance with God’s destiny, he is patient with trials and tribulations
He gives priority to others before himself
He is tolerant towards other human beings
Truly sympathetic with those undergoing hardships and facing calamities
His remembrance of Allah is constantly alive
His soul is full of life, very alert and he loves to serve other people


Before bedtime 08-10-1999






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