Be prepared for the day
when everyone thinks for himself
No one to help defend
Each person becomes his own defense lawyer
All the witnesses whether good or bad
are his own parts of the body
At that moment his mouth is locked
Eyes, hands, and feet will reveal their stories
Nothing will be left untouched
Nothing will be hidden
Everything will be exposed even a single speck of dust
Time spent in this world
All actions, words and heart feelings are recorded
All notes taken will be filed
During the court session in front of Rabbul Jalil, all will be revealed
All of our work that we have forgotten will be remembered again
Everything will be screened on God’s tv in front of us
Where can we run to?
There is no where to hide
Everyone will look through their good and bad deeds
After that Allah Taala the Fairest Judge will make His decision
Some go to Paradise some go to Hell
Everyone will be satisfied, including the ones who are imprisoned in Hell


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