Are we grateful with all of Allah’s favors or blessings ?
Even if we are grateful,
But with the little favors
We are grateful over miserly favors,
Which we put efforts in and the ones that we request
Probably we are grateful with the promotion that we received,
Maybe because of the wealth that we achieved
At times maybe because of our children or because of our good health
Why are we grateful with Allah Taala with His bestowals that are too miserly?
But have we ever felt grateful with Allah because of the faith and Islam that we received?
Have we felt grateful with the blessings of our existence by Allah?
Faith and Islam, favors that are beyond comparison
Our existence that we did not ask for
is also a great favor from God
Why do we not see how magnificent are the blessings of faith and Islam?!
Why didn’t we think of being grateful to God, for our existence in this world?
In fact we don’t feel anything about faith and Islam
We do not even think of our existence as favors or blessings
We see wealth as something that is great
Position and status that we see as huge and awesome
The small things we see them as big
The big things we see them as small
If we can’t even recognize favors or blessings
When we can’t even value favors or blessings
What more with God
Whom we have not yet recognize


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