green roses

♡ Before we start our worship (ibadah)
do ask for His forgiveness (istighfar)
so that when we face God
we are in a pure state

during the worship
live the moment
be mindful of our acts
so that our worship
has an impact
to our souls

right after the worship
continue seeking forgiveness
out of worry that
during the prayers
we might have
being discourteous to God

then continue by
prostrating in gratitude
For we could still worship Him
thank Him for allowing us
to be able to perform our duties
of worshipping
and devoting to Him


♡ When we present gifts
to people we respect
the best of gift is
neither because of its size
nor because of its abundance
but because of its value
even if it is small

such is the worship
that we present to God
though it is not much,
let it be valuable
than in large quantity
but it is not worth it

♡ God does not look at
The amount of worship
but God looks at
The value of the worship
albeit a little

♡ An effective worship
is the worship
That produce
noble morals

noble morals
not on the conversation
or not on his talk
but on his deeds

His behaviour
Doesn’t conform according
to worldly rules
or social ethics
but comes out naturally
As a habit of self-discipline
It means it is well integrated
Into his souls
As part of him

The thread of Wisdom ~ Abu Adib



I seek protection with Allah from the condemned syaitan.

In the name of Allah the Most Compasionate Most Merciful.
Wa ash-hadu an Laa ilaaha ill-Alláh, wahdahoo laa shareeka lah, wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan‘abduhoo warasooluh”

Praise be to Allah, the Compassionate, Who made known the Qur’an, Who created man, and taught him utterance.
We praise Him and we seek help from Him. We ask forgiveness from Him. We repent to Him; and we seek refuge in Him from our own evil and bad deeds. Anyone who is guided by Allah, he is indeed guided; and anyone who has been left astray, will find no one to guide him. May peace and blessings be upon the noblest of prophets, Muhammad SAW, who was sent to be a mercy for mankind.
I bear witness that there is no god but Allah, the Only One without any partner; and I bear witness that Muhammad, SAW, is His servant, and His messenger.

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

Awwalam yaral insanu annaa kholaqnahu min nutfatin faizaa huwa khosimum mubin

” Is man, then not aware that it is We who create him out of mere drop of sperm whereupon, lo! he showed him – self endowed with power to think and argue.” ( Yasin : 77 )

Fal yanzuril insanu min khuliqa

”Let man, then observe from what he has been created.” ( At Thoriq : 5 )

Wafi amfusikum afala tubsirun

” Just as there are signs within yourselves, can you not then, see?”

Dear members of congregation,
Today, please let all of us seek and see the miracles which Allah has bestowed within ourselves. Within your body, Allah has filled it up with miracles.
If you observe closely and if your soul is alive, also if your mind is playing its role, you will certainly realize that within yourself, it is full of miracles and wisdom. In fact within you, physically and spiritually, it is the source of all things. It the source of wealth both for this world and Hereafter.
With various parts of your body, they are the source of knowledge and experience. They are also the source of enjoyment and happiness, the source of wealth in this world in material form and in physical progress. Your physical and spiritual body are also the source of iman and taqwa which will bring wealth in Hereafter.

Your body is the source for you to know God, the Creator of the universe and your own self. Your body is the source of all goodness in this world and Hereafter.

Within you is a source for research. At your body, there are verses from verses of Allah. Here you can see the power and wishes of Allah Taala. You can see His Greatness and His governance. You can feel His knowledge.

Within you, you can feel God’s grace and pleasures. If you realize all the things mentioned above, ouch! You will be really embarrassed with God, you will really feel lowly about your own self. You feel eternally grateful, you will have love and fear towards Him. You will be conscious of God, your feelings for God may never be forgotten. Wherever you go, you feel that you are a mere humble servant who truly needs God’s protection.

Ya Ay-yuhal-latheena ‘aamanut taqul-laaha, wa qooloo qawlan sadeedaa. Yuslih-lakum a’maalakum wayaghfir lakum thunoobakum, wamay yu-til-laaha warasoolah, faqad faaza fawzan atheemaa.”

O You who believe, – Be aware of Allah, and speak a straightforward word. He will forgive your sins and repair your deeds. And whoever takes Allah and His Prophet as a guide, has already achieved a mighty victory.

Man first created from clay and that his seed was made from a drop of despised fluid.

That he was created from a handful that Allah collected from all parts of the earth, so that it contains the good and the evil, the easy going and the intolerant, the liberal and the miserly. It was Jibreel who took this handful, then it as fermented until it turned to mud, then Allah fashioned man as He deemed fit. Then He breathed into him o His spirit, so that he was a human of flesh and blood, talking and reasoning…Later on Allah had His angles prostrate themselves before man, and taught him names of everything.

That he was blessed with intellect, knowledge, understanding, eloquence and speech.

That he was privileged with the quality of modesty.

That he was privileged with the two means of expression, the oral and the written.

That he was endowed by Allah with the power of acquiring knowledge by several means

That he was distinguished with certain motives and impulses that serve to accomplish what is good for man.

That man was distinguished with strength, desire and will.

That Allah’s commandments are to be permanently observed until the day the man meets His our Lord

That man was not created without purpose.

That man is distinguished from the other creatures in appearance and shape.

That man is an indivisible whole: composite of soul, mind and body

Have we ever spared a little moment in our lifetime to ponder over this reality?

Before a grain of cooked rice appear before us, the entire machinery of God’s government use up their energy to produce the rice. If we do realize this, we will not have the heart to degrade even a single grain of rice.

Let’s us follow the journey of a single grain of rice which is God’s creation, until it becomes a grain of cooked rice. The farmers or the farm workers spread the millions of padi seedlings in their nursery, the padi seedlings which have already existed hundreds of centuries ago, it has not yet gone through extinction. On which day and on which date this seedling was sent down to earth, only the Creator knows. Every single day the farmer, the farm workers who are mostly poor, water and look after their seedlings.

In fact behind this , under Allah’s command, the angels are the ones who protect and take care of the growth of these plants, which is a fortune from God for human beings. God commands the roots of padi plants… Move along!!..Creep along!!.. Break them down!!.. The gravels of soil in My earth turn into fine granules. The mineral molecules and water creature… OBEY as commanded, with ABSOLUTE LOYALTY in service, flowing through earth, seeping through the roots without any questions asked.

The MIRACULOUS sun, which has never shut off its light, ever since it was created, emits its sunshine over the green leaves, for the sake of photosynthesis the invisible oxygen molecules in the air, are also being drawn in by the green creatures for its respiratory process. Time which is God’s creation, then allows the padi fruits to ripen, to be reaped as its harvest.

Thousands of farmers or workers who manage the machines used in the fields, in the factories, the staff handling the logistics for transport, the warehouse, the supermarkets, the retailers, all of them are God’s creatures who helped to deliver even a single grain of rice to us. Have we, as Allah’s servants, ever ponder over a scoop of rice on our plate, where does it come from, who planted the seeds into the earth…and so on and so forth?

Whenever there is food spread before us, we should feel humble, being thankful towards God, recite a du’a for all the farmers, fishermen, vegetable growers, the shopkeepers, the cooks and everyone who helped to provide this pleasures to us.

How Most Kind Allah is to us. Indeed, no matter how wealthy a human being is, he is incapable of living alone by himself.


The Muslim world of today,
have been influenced by the teachings
which says that there is no relationship
between the unseen world with the world they are currently in.

It means that when a person dies,
the relationship is then cut off.
That is the teaching which controls
the Muslim world.

But Abuya came up,
He said, O my people
Do recite every day, five times a day.
Do recite certain verses of the Quran until complete.

Let us get together and take a trip to the invisible world
We should not pay any attention
to the people who said our relationship
with them over there has broken up.

Let us go there.
Our Prophet is there.
His family are all there.
All his companions, all the other Prophets,
all the Messengers are all there

All the righteous people, all the saints of Allah
and our brothers
Muslimin and muslimat,
Mukminin and mukminat
who have passed on
including our fathers and mothers
who had gone.
are all included as well as
our families who had left.

Over there is our beloved Syeikh and Abuya,
they are currently in the other world.
They are all citizens over there.

Let us go.
We shall go but not empty-handed.
We should bring along our trays of gifts
Present to all of them..
For each of our tray
they will respond with tenfold trays.
We will be welcomed
and we will be rewarded with
There is a relationship between this world and the world of the unseen
Muslims have been deceived and cheated
for saying that there is no relationship between the living with the dead

According to the Quran,
the people of taqwa
are those who believe in the invisible world
Faith is not a mere believe,
But there is a sense of longing,
there is a feeling of wanting to go there.
This is said to have faith.
Allazi nayu’minunabilghaibb
this is the first few sentences that we read
when we open the Qur’an.

Those people,
people whom God love,
the people of the truth,
the people who have taqwa
They are very in love, they long, they are passionate
with the invisible world.


God is needed in life
He is everything for everyone
Let us create a picture to understand who God really is
The world we live in belongs to God
In the sky above the earth there are the sun, the moon and the stars: all are God’s creations
The air we breathe so we may live, each moment to another is bestowed by God
The beating heart is the body’s engine as designed by God
The mind is used to think and gain knowledge, a gift from God
Our physical body which is in constant use for human needs, is created by God
Our heart or soul of interchanging emotions
Such as happiness, sadness, comfort and hate: ruled by God
When we are sick, we take the medicine, but God is the One who cures not the medicine itself
When we are hungry and thirsty, we need to eat, all food and drink come from God
After eating we feel full, God is the One who makes it so
We feel tired after work and in need of rest, God allows us to sleep,
Then our energy returns to normal so may continue working, God is the One who gives it back
For enjoyment, God created man and woman
so that each may make the other happy
this joy comes from God
To bring forth the next generation
this is the result of the relationship between a man and woman
The birth of a child is also an enjoyment to both the man and woman, the parents
it will help fill the emptiness of the heart
When the relationship starts to break
the child will help bring them back together
Similarly, if we ponder deeply
and observe closely that there is nothing beyond God’s control
Then, God is greatly needed in life
or life is God’s responsibility
But why do humans forget God?
Why do humans not feel God’s role?
This is why God punishes people with the feeling of emptiness
The heart in distress, though they may have power and wealth
Do fear God and love Him
God is greatly needed
God is everything in the lives of everyone



In the name of Allah the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful
Let us tell the story on our Prophet
He is Rasulullah SAW, the savior for mankind both in this world and Hereafter
Even though we have narrated frequently about him
Perhaps we should narrate certain aspects which has not been mentioned
Even if we tell similar stories again and again, it should not matter
As we may recollect the parts we have forgotten
We will remember better

Prophet Muhammad SAW, an extraordinary person incomparable to anyone
Those before and after him among mankind
Even among other Messengers and other Prophets previously told
His soul is angelic, his physique is human
He is the most intelligent being with the most pure soul
Amongst those before and after him
As such God gave him the title ” fathonah”
In fact he is the most ‘fathonah’ among His Messengers
His knowledge is not from his mental capacity
Even though he is the most intelligent person
He received knowledge which God revealed into his heart
It’s named Wahyu, he learned directly from God
The reason for him to have no need to write and have to read the way others do
This is the reason for his knowledge being remembered forever
If the knowledge originated from the mind, he may have forgotten
His knowledge encompasses both the world and Hereafter

{ O Allah, fill his sacred tomb with fresh fragrance from the blessings and grace. O Allah send peace and blessings upon him together with Your grace}

His trust (in God) is exceptional
The reason why he kept no leftovers at night for the next day meal
He gave to those in need instead
As he was confident, if he was still alive the next day, God will provide his needs.
He killed no one
Even though there were times, he should kill the enemy
But he simply refused to kill
He took the main path that was to give forgiveness
For this, the person became a Muslim in his hands
His bravery is extraordinary, unmatched by anyone
He was willing to walk pass his enemies by himself
His enemies did not disturb him, in fact they were amazed

{ O Allah fill his sacred tomb with fresh fragrance from blessings and grace. O Allah send peace and blessings upon him together with Your grace }

His love and care was truly obvious
Especially towards the poor and needy, the orphans and widows
Those who did wrong, he forgave them
Even though he was not asked to do so
Once there was a slave who was going to be punished by his master
The prophet took off his own shirt getting ready to be beaten
To replace the slave, making the slave master feel embarrassed
Consequently, the slave master freed the slave
Once Rasulullah SAW bought a slave and then freeing him..
His generosity is unmatched
Like a gush of strong wind
No one is be able to match him
And not once he refused to help anyone in need
Even though he was forced to be temporarily in debt

{ O Allah fill his sacred tomb with fresh fragrance from blessings and grace. Oh Allah send peace and blessings upon him together with Your grace }

If someone gossip or belittle him
He kept silent, he did not react
His joy is without laughter, with a mere smile
Only obvious on his facial expression
In fact, he never belittle anyone or reveal their faults
Even if they were his enemies

Rasulullah ate very little, just enough to avoid hunger
He never ate alone, even when he was hungry
Minimally, he ate together with another person
Instances when he did not fancy some food
He did not say anything bad about the food
If he was angry with someone, he hid his anger
To the extent that his anger went unnoticed
He never showed distasteful feelings towards another being
For that reason he was willing to eat with someone who had severe skin problems all over his body

{ O Allah fill his sacred tomb with fresh fragrance from blessings and grace. Oh Allah send peace and blessings upon him together with Your grace}

His patience was exceptional
Towards all the trial and tribulations God placed upon him
He was pleased. The reason God gave him the title ‘Ulul Azmi’
incomparable with anyone else.
In fact he is the Head ‘Ulul Azmi’ among all the Messengers.
From his hands, born were the exceptional students ( mureed
They were given the title Sahabat ( Companions)
Hundreds of thousands of them, exceeding one hundred thousand in numbers
This did not happen among the earlier Messengers
All the Companions are granted Paradise
As their sins have been forgiven by God
Due to the grace being his Companions
The Companions are considered as stars in the sky
While Rasul is considered as the full moon

{ O Allah, fill his sacred tomb with fresh fragrance from blessings and grace. Oh Allah, send peace and blessings upon him together with Your grace}

His soul is never goes to sleep even when his eyes were asleep
Indicating that his soul is always alert
The reason why he remained with his wudhu even when he was asleep
He respected human beings befitting their status
Even if they were unbelievers
At times he laid down his headgear for his guest to sit on
As a respect for his guest.
He did not condemn or curse any of God’s creatures
Even among the animals
Also he has never done any misdeeds.
Not even against the main
If he looked at a lady, his eyes were gazing downwards
He is extremely shy
His shyness is worse than the most shy teenage girl.
If he was passing by, no ladies were allowed to be in front of him

{O Allah, fill his sacred tomb with fresh fragrance from blessings and grace. Oh Allah, send peace and blessings upon him together with Your grace}

His acts of worship were plentiful especially during the night.
Till his legs became swollen
He liked to serve his wives and family
Not because he was being requested by his wives.
But he did them voluntarily
As he was searching for ways to please his Lord
He is the best among all husbands
No one else is able to do what he did

{O Allah, fill his sacred tomb with fresh fragrance from blessings and grace. O Allah, send peace and blessings upon him together with Your grace}

In fact, he did serve his own enemy
There was one heart rending story
A blind person who hated him .
The Messenger served his needs without his knowledge
Right till the prophet’s death
He was replaced by Sayidina Abu Bakar who took over to serve the blind person.
The blind man felt a difference from the previous person
Who are you? Sayidina Abu Bakar replied, ” I am Abu Bakar”
replacement for the Messenger serving you, the Messenger has died“
The blind person was shocked
It turned out that the person he hated most was serving him.
He died in his shock
But he had sufficient time to recite the syahadah, he ended as a Muslim

{ O Allah, fill his sacred tomb with fresh fragrance from blessings and grace. O Allah send peace and blessings upon him together with Your grace}

If he were among his Companions or friends
He gave priority for his friends
In fact he served his companions
Anyone who associated with him, felt satisfied with him
Everyone felt being respected by him
Even though they came from different tiers in the society

Let us continue with the story on our prophet
So that it is detailed
The story and the news
He is an extraordinary human being, the love of his Lord
So that we can see he is a special human being
He did not eat until he was hungry
He stopped eating before he felt full
Unlike a normal person
He did not like a meal with too many dishes
Anything that he liked was because of his Lord
Even when he was angry, it was because of his Lord
Not due to his personal reasons

{ O Allah, fill his sacred tomb with fresh fragrance from blessings and grace. O Allah, send peace and blessings upon him together with Your grace }

When he passed away, there was no wealth left behind
He did not miss any congregational prayer
Except once in his lifetime.
That was during his illness that led to his death
He did not strive for his daily needs
But at every mealtime, his subsistence was provided for
But for his followers, they are being asked to strive
Especially those with families
He did not receive any wages
He did not even ask for any wages
For all the efforts in his struggle

But the present religious teachers, they accept wages
From their missionary efforts
The same way as the many religious teachers with worldly desires
In fact there are religious teachers requesting for payment from their missionary work and teachings.

{ O Allah, fill his sacred tomb with fresh fragrance from blessings and grace. O Allah, send peace and blessings upon him together with Your grace }

Fear of God was clearly seen on his face.
He married a rich widow, Khadijah was her name
Her entire wealth was surrendered to him.
But the Prophet sacrificed all the wealth.
And the Prophet, as a friend, he was the best friend among friends
If he was at home, he was the best father
If he was with his wife, he was the best husband
If he was leading the people, he was the best leader

{ O Allah, fill his sacred tomb with fresh fragrance from the blessings and grace. O Allah send peace and blessings upon him together with Your grace.}

If he speak, his voice was loud and clear
His muscles stretched with pressure
If he speak, it was like pearl
Deeply touched by those who listened to him
If he was giving a speech or an oratory, there was no laughter among the audience
As the audience felt remorse listening to him
Unlike the current religious teachers
If they talk, the audience respond with laughter
As the things they say come from their tongue
Not from their heart
The Prophet, whatever he said, it was simple and direct, unlike anyone else
He spoke with short words
But compiled in them were vast knowledge

{ O Allah, fill his sacred tomb with fresh fragrance from blessings and grace. O Allah, send peace and blessings upon him together with Your grace }

As said by hadis ‘ jawa miul kalim’
His words were brief but precise.
His words were brief but very meaningful
His words were brief but satisfying and making the soul trembles
Unlike many others who give empty lengthy talks
Time is wasted, their words do not touch the souls

Let us continue with the story on our Prophet
The Prophet disliked wasteful journeys
He did not speak on anything meaningless
Even though it was not sinful

{ O Allah fill his sacred tomb with fresh fragrance from blessings and grace. O Allah, send peace and blessings upon him together with Your grace }

If he laugh, it was without any noise
His remorse can be seen on his face
Fear of his Lord was clear on his face.
He showed his jubilant when his friends were rejoicing
He showed his sorrow over the sorrow among his friend
Rasulullah cried easily
For the fear of his God
Rasulullah acknowledged that God loves him
His attributes are magnificent
God glorifies him.
In fact he is the most righteous (taqwa) among all other mortals
Those before and after him

{O Allah fill his sacred tomb with fresh fragrance from blessings and grace. O Allah, send peace and blessings upon him together with Your grace }

It seemed he was not listening to what God said about him
God said,” His attributes, are magnificent”.
No one is able to match him
But he was not prideful, he remained feeling like a servant
He was able to maintain his feelings of fear for his God
Feelings of subservience was constantly within his heart
In fact, it has never been apart from his feelings
Whether God glorifies him, it is God’s prerogative
But he continued to feel subservient towards his God.
Being humble with his God constantly
Clearly obvious in his life

{ O Allah fill his sacred tomb with fresh fragrance from blessings and grace. O Allah, send peace and blessings upon him together with Your grace }

He wore the robe with the traditional head gear
His favourite colour was white and green
At times he used black attire as well.
Only once a while
His favourite food was milk and dates
Meat as the accompanying dish
This was what strengthen his physique
Thus a short summary
Globally known story on our prophet
Those not mentioned, do seek to learn more about them.

{ O Allah fill his sacred tomb with fresh fragrance from blessings and grace. O Allah send peace and blessings upon him together with Your grace }

In the history of of our Prophet, it has been narrated
Many miraculous things happened in his hand
The physical and spiritual
The greatest miracle is the Al Quran and Al Hadis
Permanently protected till the end of time.
For learning and guidance for all human bengs
For the safety of all humans both in this world and Hereafter
But what has been mentioned will be sufficient
For those with lack of time to do in-depth study
If one’s personal character resembles our Prophet
That person can be a role model for others to follow
If he is a leader, God’s blessings is with him
What more if he is the leader God has promised for mankind
However what has happened at this end of time
Those who tell stories about the Prophet
They forget who they are
They glorify the Prophet
But they themselves have no dignity
The reason for most of what they say have no effect on others
One who talks a lot about the Prophet without emulating his attributes
Even if he is a leader
Not many wish to follow him
His words seldom become a reality
He does not fulfill his words
In fact others gossip and condemn him behind his back
In fact his own family members give no respect due to him
That’s all there is.

{O Allah fill his sacred tomb with fresh fragrance from blessings and grace. O Allah send peace and blessings upon him together with Your grace.}

Abuya Ashaari Muhammad Attamimi

A Letter To The Vatican From The Last Prophet

I have called upon our last Prophet, Muhammad PBUH through my heart and so the result is this letter.

From the last prophet Muhammad PBUH to the Vatican as a special gift to my ummah who believe in Allah and His Prophet, that is Islam.

O Jews and Christians,

Our God, Allah SWT, Owner of the sun that we need, has once before asked you to create another sun, or if you are not capable, it is enough if you can change its moving direction from west to east. It is Him, God, that makes the sun rises from the east to the west. But it seems that you have never been able to do so. So, is it truly wise for you to oppose Allah and His Messenger.
The Jewish people who lived during my time were very surprised and were angry with Allah because He chose me, an Arab orphan who could not read and write, to be the last Prophet. It was totally unexpected that they were willing to conspire with satan to oppose Allah and me. What’s more when they discovered that, with Islam, Allah makes the earth and its contents submit to God, while the Jewish only became as fugitive. It is due to this resentment that your grandfather and grandmother have sworn for the descendents of Jewish and Christian to become enemies of Allah, Rasul ( The Prophet of  Islam) , and all His people. All of them are doomed for we shall send all of them to hell.
That was their vow. These feelings of resentment was instilled into their children. Then to their grandchildren, and also to their great grandchildren until they feel the spirit of revenge truly exists in their souls, mind, blood cells and flesh of the whole of their descendants until this very day.
O God, your enemies behold such terrible feelings of resentment and revenge towards You O God. When in fact, You are God who gives them oxygen, health, and money. They took it all until destruction fills the earth and Your religion, Islam is destroyed. O Allah, the Almighty Who is Most Receptive to all the humiliation done by Your creation.

O Jews,

Revenge is usually brought forward until the generations of the children only. Meaning that the children also hate the enemy of their parents. But the grandchildren would already mellow down. Or the worst that we have heard is a curse being made upon enemies which is to last until the seventh generation. But the Jewish resentment towards Islam, Allah and Rasul, lasts until 100 generations. When in fact, the Israeli people had struggled for the sake of Allah alongside with their Prophets for thousands of years before. This means the evilness of Jewish have gone totally extreme. Allah will punish them with total justice. The day will come when not even one of their ethnic will be alive on this earth. Maybe with this letter, some of them are willing to repent.

Meanwhile for the Christians, Allah Who is Most Just will make all of them embrace Islam together with Imam Mahdi when Allah sent Saidina Isa Ibnu Maryam ( Jesus)  back to Earth again. Isa AS was very much hated by the Jewish. They wanted to kill him and they managed to do so on a cross but it turned out the man they killed was not Isa. The real Isa has been made invisible and sent to heaven so that he will return to defend the Christians who had been cheated by the Jewish all this while. The time is very soon.

O Jews,

When this earth has been purified from a race that is so full of resentment and revenge, Allah will make this earth a world desired by all, a safe Islamic land full of beauty, calmness, serenity and happiness. Then will the earth be called My Heavenly Earth.  Allah is the creator of all of these in the name of  His Messanger Nur Muhammad, his family, companions and friends.
Dajjal as the last priest Pope that you are proud of, will be gone then. He would be killed by the son of Maryam Saidina Isa AS as a retribution to you who once wanted to kill him. Isn’t God of Muhammad Most Just and Most Kind for what doing all these? He has been patient for 1000 years seeing you insult Him and destroy His name.
At that time it seemed like you have another God other than Him when in fact you are very certain that He is the Only God. The church god can only ring the bell notify the time to meet him. But the real God would broadcast throughout the whole world until it can be heard right from inside the earth till the bottom of the sea that Allah is Most Great. Do you think there is another other than God who is true and dares to say out the azan (the call to perform prayers). Why doesn’t the church challenge the azan. Why don’t they announce the same wordings which is who meets the Pope will attain victory. You wouldn’t dare O jewish priests! When it is only Muhammad’s God who dares to say out the azan, you surely understand what that means. Until today, it irritates you so much that the azan is still heard all around the world, that, in the name of His destroyed religion, the name Allah still reigns as God Most Great. Although the muslim no longer understands but what matters now is that you understand. You tried your utmost to abolish the azan but it’s just like the case of the second sun that you cannot produce. And so you endure such pain everytime you hear the azan because it signifies your weaknesses and failure as your true god remains firmly Allah Most Great. He truly will not allow you to dominate the whole world as this is His Justice to all His servants.

O Jewish people,
You are so proud that you can convert people especially Muslims to become Jewish. Everyone wears coat and necktie, wears the Jewish hat and robe in the convocation ceremony, wears specific uniforms for specific profession for example doctors, lawyers, police, army, and others. You have paste onto the Vatican flag the key to develop the world until misfortune envelopes the whole children of Adam either they are Muslim or non Muslim. You deviate them all, either they realize it or not. Because money has become everyone’s utmost priority. Money is everything. Their financial resources rely totally on all sorts of occupations which you have created. If you do not work in the Jewish system, if you do not study at the Jewish school, then you cannot survive in this world. When in fact, the world had once attained peace and harmony before it fell into your hands.

O Jews!

It even bring you pride when people disunite, fight each other and engage in wars created by you. You are so called the reliable one. God and His Messenger are totally ignored. And you are finally so proud that not an inch of this earth escape your sight. You think your so called technology is good enough for you maintain yourself in this world and what can Muhammad’s God do after this? And so, you say with much arrogance and egotism’s ” Welcome Muhammad. We will give you the Vatican flag as a symbol of this scourged world. This world is in our control (under our feet), and we truly want to see Muhammad bring Islam to the whole world again?”

O Jews,

Actually the Muhammad has come to earth a long ago. Muhammad has challenged the Jewish system. It is now about 200 years ago when Haramain fall onto your hands. I am the one who send him as a messenger, that is as a messenger to the messenger of God. We chose a location which no one ever thought of, including you, to be our base. It involves a few countries in the far East where in fact you were also there as their colonials. But you managed to detect the smell of fragrance that you fear so much. And so you decide to kill him. And he died as you presumed. Did you think that God did not allow Muhammad to save His Messenger from your evilness of wanting him dead? No O Jews! In fact Muhammad retained his loved one alive just as Saidina Isa AS escaped the murder that you intended for him but it hit another person.
This has been happening for 85 years O jews.And you never knew it is still happening. And there is something else that you have never thought of. I have a second messenger in this world. His name is not Muhammad. But his being is also Muhammad, the third Muhammad. In the sky, we call him Syuib bin Soleh. But if you find this name on earth, you will definitely kill my loved one. Isn’t God of Muhammad wise because He taught me how to cheat you. Because his name on this Earth is not Syuib bin Soleh. O Jews you have been cheated again, within the thousands of cheatings that you have made upon the muslim ummah.
And so with the movement of Muhammad, a beautiful Islamic way of life which is strong and complete eventually emerged which took place in your hometown. Muhammad had a chance to spread the knowledge in your village. But until today, when Allah has fulfilled His promise to Muslims, that Imam Mahdi has arrived, O you are still confused! What is the relationship between Syuib bin Soleh with the second Muhammad that you have been waiting for?
Let me tell you the secret now. The third Muhammad obtained seven names from God. All those names are used to address him by my relatives who are very loyal to him. Even though you try to label him a deviant, prison him for 10 years, condemn him at all mosques throughout the whole of his country, make him a refuge for 7 years by your on people, pursue him and his followers like a cat with scabies, block his economy and social activities as well as any opportunity available in the country, ban all books and magazines and all forms of written and electronic publication which they produce. His jamaah is proclaimed to be a deviant although he strived for Allah and His Prophet. All Islamic Scholars created by you label him a deviant. Eventually you curse evil spells upon him with the biggest jewish black magic and a thousand form of cruelty has been cast onto himself, his family and jamaah.Yet finally today he and his jamaah is being well accepted by all except by a small portion of you team who are evil at heart.
It is the result of a campaign in the name of God carried out by the party of God which has reached out into everyone’s heart who wants to be be close to God. Eventually their hearts decide to accept and support Abuya and his jamaah.

O Jews,

My people, the third Muhammad comes before the second Muhammad to prepare the base for the second Muhammad on this earth. I am the first Muhammad that plan all of these to both the second and third Muhammad. You do know that I am Muhammad. I am the Nur (light of) Muhammad that will never be shut down by a thousand darkness that you created even after I die. I am actually still alive and still active guiding my people. And I am the one writing this letter for you o enemy of God. Indeed all your evil effort to steal my body in your attempt to disgrace it had always been a failure mainly because I am actually not dead as you said. You deceive Muslim people by saying Muhammad has died, but actually you are the one who is waiting for me to come again into this world.
Yes, now you know that the second Muhammad whom you tried to kill 85 years ago has returned to earth under the order of the first Muhammad. Together with him is the third Muhammad that I had made him disappeared when you tried to kill him. It was on the day he said ” Come and get me because I am the one that you have been looking for. I am Putra Bani Tamim for Malaysia and I am Satria Peninggit for Indonesia”
You are very angry with my hero, and so you pursue him. Then when you are really close to catching him, it came out in the TV station that Abuya has died. So, you are being cheated again by Allah the Almighty. Think again, how can the Messenger of Allah and His Rasul who has been assigned to complete Allah’s Grand Design suddenly die off before his victory? Did you think that Allah cannot overcome your obstacles? If that is what you think, you are certainly not the Jews that I mean! Because the real Jews know God better, Most Fearless God who broadcast in every mosque and musolla around the world tell five times a day that He is the Almighty God. He is the Owner of this world, nothing is impossible for Him. He can make you think that the three people that you kill had died but actually they are not dead. They come to me, and live with me, physically. Like I have physically travelled to Sidratul Muntaha and met God. These three people are given the task to finish off the Jews from this earth.

Saiyyidina Syuib bin Soleh (Putra Bani Tamim)
Saiyyidina Muhammad bin Abdullah (Imamul Mahdi)
Saiyyidina Isa AS (the son of Maryam RA)

In reality, Jews know about this and they know better than the Islamic scholars. But jealousy and revenge make them deny all and proclaimed that all is merely nonsense. Damn to Muhammad’s God that promise all these. We will destroy it to its roots.
O Jews, your evilness is totally shocking. But no matter how stupid the ummah of Muhammad, they can be saved. How can you plan to die for the sake of this evilness?
O Jews,
Soon when the Muslim people is going to see Abuya with Imam Mahdi suddenly appear in this world again, together they will say  ”Who has been cheating us about this promise of God?”  When they know it is all done by Jews. Please be informed that it will not take us long to say goodbye to Jews. The time has come. We have found the path for us to return to to Siratul Mustaqim, the way of Allah and His Rasul. And you surely know how much you have to pay for all the demolishment that you have inflicted upon our generations so that it does not repeat or continue anymore. You had to take 1000 years to destroy all the development that I have created on this earth. Whereas in order to fix it with Allah’s help, we can finish it in less than half of the time that you took. The technology of God is better than God’s enemy right? Repent o Jews, you know that during my time, there are Jewish people who embraced Islam.
Finally, o enemy of the truth,
Why only now you expose all the secrets after keeping them for 1000 years? Yes, it is true that Muslims people cannot do anything, but they will get angry and rely highly on the much awaited Imam Mahdi. That means you have done a big mistake by exposing this big secret. How is it that iblis can make such a mistake?
Actually what the Jews have done in the New World Order plan created by the Zionist protocol is:-

Took the knowledge from Al Quran that can benefit them for development purposes.
Whichever knowledge that put them at lost, Jews took it too but they turn all the words around..
The promise by Allah for Muslims is greatly opposed and they fought all out against it..

As a result of all these, Allah allows this world to fall into your hands. In fact, if you had not learned from Muhammad, all these would not have happened to you. Aren’t you ashamed to learn from your enemy? Then you prided over it claiming all to be yours rightfully! Actually soon when you see Muhammad uses the spiritual technology that Allah gives to them which easily overrides your technology 1000 times more. You will be ashamed to be proud. Destruction will hit all your belongings when Islam returns to be an empire that will save the world. You just have to wait a little bit more, just a few days more. Tsunami have hit the Jewish centers in Arab Saudi. They are like the explosions from the volcanic mountains. The larva will surround Israel meaning your cruelty in Gaza and all around the world will perish. With the Will Of Allah, at that time Islam will return to magnify Allah as Most Supreme and the Prophet will be so meaningful and much treasured by them.
This is all for now. Thank you and my doa from the Last Prophet to all his ummah. Wassalam.

Who Sent The Money Down From The Sky?

This is a guide for Muslims who wish to be wealthy and prosperous…

Look at the oxygen lingering around us but we can’t see it, and yet it is something that we need for us to live. If I exchange the term oxygen to angel, then how? Or we call it iblis? Or we rename oxygen with a new name ‘spirit’? How? Because its characteristic is something that exists but it is unseen. Nevertheless it is something we really need. The effects of its existence is people are able to live, without it people can die. Who is the ‘owner’ of oxygen?

Look at the light, coming from the sun (sky). Light exists but untouchable and yet visible. Without it, there is darkness. Darkness is something that is scary.

Who is the owner of light?

Water also comes from the sky. Rainfall is the name. Because if it flood can occur or the earth becomes fertile. Water can be seen, can be touched but it breaks if squeezed!

Who created water and send it down from the sky?

With equal importance as money, air, light and water, all are sent down from the sky. We Muslims can carry out activities of ‘pulling down money’, it seems that not only air, water and light but money can also drop from the sky. Let’s get together and pull down money so that more of it will drop. Who is the owner of the money?


Vishnunair showing the coins claimed to have dropped from the sky.

Friday November 18, 2011 The Star Online

RESIDENTS of Taman Kledang in Sungei Siput were in for a shock when coins came raining down on Tuesday night.

The news of five sen and 10 sen coins falling from the sky spread like wildfire, resulting in many people rushing to the area to witness the unusual incident, Tamil Nesan reported.

The coins, however, looked burnt and have been handed over to the police here for further investigations.

One of the residents, P. Selvam, said a 10-year-old boy from the housing estate, T. Vishnu Nair, could predict when the next incident would happen.

He said about 40 coins dropped from the sky on Tuesday night,

“The coins continued to drop until late in the night. People here are very worried about what it means,” he added.

A Dialogue Between A Bad Spirit and A Good Siprit Within The Hearts of Human

A : Why are there so many versions of Islam that exist on this earth? There is only one Islam, why does it become too many?

B : Indeed there is only one Prophet Muhammad, but his enemies are numerous. So there are many branches formed in the name of Islam.

A : Ohh..really! Yes, of course … In that case which is the true Islam?

B : Precisely the one with attributes that will make all other types of Islam that exist on this earth, to consider it as deviant, polytheist and ridiculous. Because with it there is Rasulullah, while other than itself, they are the enemies of Rasulullah although most people are not aware of it.

A : Which congregation on this earth, that has Rasulullah together being with them?

B : You need to search for a congregation which consists of people who are awaiting for the Imam Al Mahdi who has gone into the invisible world, Prophet Isa who is invisible too. And the Prince Bani Tamim who has gone into the invisible world.

A : What is the connection with Prophet Muhammad SAW who has died?

B : Allah has promised that Islam will rise again for the second time. The prime mover is in a condition where his spirit is separated from his physical body. Physical body exists in the material world, while spirit is in the spiritual world. The physical body of the Prophet is extremely strong that he is capable to play a role as a symbol for the Muslim ummah to gather and meet their Prophet. The Prophet’s physical body has not decomposed. The Jews have planned numerous times to steal but all efforts have failed.

While his spirit is extremely strong, that he has demonstrated its strength during times of Isra’ Mikraj, his spirit managed to cover his physical body and being taken as far as Sidratul Muntaha within one night. (12 hours). Then he has trained 2 spiritual astronauts, for them to be able to wrap their physical bodies for their spirits to meet him in the spiritual world, and to be appointed as a messenger for the Prophet of the end of time (Rasulil Rasul), to fulfill their duties in the physical world.

That is the special attributes to differentiate Islam of Prophet Nabi Muhammad from other Islam of his enemies. Because the Prophet is currently playing his role with Nur Muhammad without Muhammad’s physical body. While it is an impossibility for his enemies to lead with their spirit without their physical bodies!