What is Polygamy?

Polygamy is a way of life in a family as commanded by God. For Allah and Rasul, life as a family is polygamy. While monogamy is the last choice. To have one wife is meant only for the people who are too weak to be fair leaders. Polygamy is actually needed by both men and women.

Woman who loves God absolutely requires polygamy. This is because between the responsibility towards God and responsibility towards her husband, polygamy is the way for her to fulfill it. That is submission towards God, love with God and sacrifice for God will be most practical when our lifestyle is polygamy. Polygamy provides many great deal and wide opportunities for one to demonstrate that one’s life is only for the sake of God. Whoever prays in the real sense of the word will surely never miss this opportunity. This is because a prayer states that life is only for God.

Polygamy trains women to say:

God, the match whom You bestow upon me, this husband of mine, I am blessed to have him so that I can be more thankful to You. So, I will prove it to You, that a husband is a leader and a wife is an obedient follower. This leader who can lead more than one wife, I will share all the pleasures I receive from my husband and this household with another woman who also needs it. For the sake of obeying Your commands O Lord, so that my love for You is verified and also for the sake of getting Your acceptance O Lord. And so that the Prophet’s Sunnah is my Sunnah too. That is polygamy is helping woman to free herself from the nafs ammarah. That is polygamy is the most effective cure to obtain God’s love. The hardships in polygamy is indeed needed to cleanse the heart from the evil and filthy nafs. Whoever wishes to die as someone who brings along a protected heart, will certainly choose polygamy as a way of life. With regards to this protected heart, Allah has revealed in Al Quran, meaning:

” On that day ( Day of Reckoning ) wealth and children will not be of any use unless you bring along a protected heart.” ( As Syu’ara: 88-89 )

What do men need polygamy? Yes, it is for the men to say, ” For the sake of God, I will demonstrate that a man is capable of marrying 4 women, to lead them to God, to totally fulfill the love and care and their welfare, to provide many children and to make them feeling satisfied and contented with all these. With the condition that You care to be with me throughout my entire life, O Allah. O Lord, You are Most Just, please make me into a leader who is fair and just.”

God, whenever there exist a man and women who possess the hearts mentioned earlier, then they will be united in a marriage so that a harmonious and beautiful polygamy will take place as what You meant. Al Quran and Hadith will then be practiced as a way of life. Then, appear a live and moving Al Quran and Hadith, implementing an Islamic way of life. The Pillars of Faith and the Pillars of Islam become alive within the pillars of life of human. And it is the beginning of Islamic resurgence on God’s earth. Amin, O Allah.




Satire’s Corner 2

Islamic Sacred Sex

A. Divorce rate: 70 divorce cases per day: quite worrying

B. Rate of abandon babies: for the last 2 years the numbers are reaching 200,000: definitely worrying

C. Those Jews feel jubilant with their success !

D. Do seek for solutions. So that people do not divorce and to have many lawful children.

E. Fight for sacred sex, that is husband and wives being given a bowl of ingredients which will increase their sexual desires to the extent that – they have it everyday.

F. When the wife is utterly satisfied, completely famished, when the husband needs more of it, well, do take another wife! Then, there will be many lawful children as there can be.

G. The ingredients are available in the spiritual world, in the hands of Prophet Muhammad. Whoever recite the salawat as much as possible, he / she will receive the ingredients, a package from the Final Prophet.

Satire’s Corner 1

Satire’s Corner 1

A true story:  (Dare) to go against natural instinct?

Scenario 1:

Scenario in a TV talk show, there were 3 ladies; a hostess ( without a head cover ), a member of OWC, a feminist lady ( with head cover ).
The hostess politely posed a question to OWC member:
” The polygamy practiced by OWC can be a model for the world, yes.”
The OWC member, smiling while showing Abuya’s book on polygamy, ” Abuya is the one who have succeeded to be a model and for the world to refer to and all these has been documented in his guidance books.”

Scenario 2:
The lady feminist in full spirits said, ” Aren’t the guidelines found inside Al Quran. When we adhere to Quran, there will emerge a family of sakinah, mawaddah and rahmah which WILL NOT BE INTERFERED by a third person.”

Scenario 3:
As the programme ended, the OWC member handed a book titled “How Sweet Honey ( Sister-Wife) Is” to the hostess and it was received with warmth and a thank you. The feminist lady also wished to have the book. She said, ” I also wish to have it, I wish to know its contents. But I need to hide it from my husband, because if I don’t, surely he will wish to practice polygamy.”

Indeed, Allah has created instincts within men for them to want and also being capable to have more than one wife. Try to think, which is smarter, we fight against the instinct created by God or we support what God has created.

Between Two Awards

Between Two Awards

A conversation between two good friends for all of us to reflect upon :

“Mariah, with this kind of work that you’re doing, you will never ever get a recognition,” said my friend, Azimah one day.

We have been good friends since our campus days. She is currently holding a relatively high post. Public Relations Manager in one of the private companies in the capital city. Every time she comes over, there is always some issues that become a topic for discussion.

“What recognition? I asked. “
Don’t you notice, in the papers recently…? There are many awards given to successful career women in the field of management and also women entrepreneurs.”

“Ohh…. How many awards are there?” I asked, my little gesture to get into her heart.

“ Quite a number, actually. There is Tan Sri Fatimah Award for Excellent Entrepreneur, Young Manager Award, Maal Hijrah Award and many others for women who are successful in their own careers,” explained Azimah.

“Err …. Imah, I guess you have an ambition to be nominated for the Excellent Manager Award? I feel err…it should be ok…”said I jokingly.

“Insya Allah…. Eh, I’m serious here…! There are many benefits we can receive from this award. We will feel more encouraged to improve our work performance, the award as the motivational factor.
Only then people will acknowledge and realize our capabilities, as women. Mar, this is our time,….our involvement is much needed.  So, we must demonstrate that we are able to compete with men,” clarified Azimah in high spirits.

“ That is good, if there are good things and benefits which can be shared with the society,” I commented on her explanations.
She frowned showing wrinkles on her forehead.  “ Mar, what is your actual stand on this? Looks as if you don’t seem to agree….”she said with some doubts.

“I did not say that I disagree… Just that I feel it is good if we try to see it from a different perspective,” I added.

“Which perspective do you mean? Please be clear about it” requested azimah partially insistent. She seemed eager to know more.

“The awards presented are indeed very good as an encouragement. But, there is another award… It’s benefits are more awesome, more sophisticated. No one will feel envious and spiteful to the person awarded.  And this award is open to all… There is no need for high degrees, no need for high posts and ranks. The only sad thing is there is no trophy, no monetary gifts either. Letter of recognition is also not given. That may be the reason why many people are not interested to grab it.”

Azimah’s face is still curious, she seems unclear. Seeing her still in silence, I continued on. “ There are people who have been presented with this award, but there are not many of them. Because the criteria to achieve it is quite difficult and hard. Befitting the award, truly special…”

“ Just tell me what is it, no need for you to drag on,” said her spontaneously.

“ This award is not a human recognition instead it is an honor and recognition from Allah to the people with taqwa.”  I kept quiet to see her reaction.“Mmm….”Azimah seemed to be able to figure out. I continued along.

“The title, Award for Righteous Woman, the reward is Heaven which is full of pleasures beyond any comparison, compared to what are available in this world.  When Heaven is mentioned, every one wish for it. Right?” I asked. Azimah nodded softly.

“ Anyone can fight for this righteous woman award. It doesn’t matter if she is a cook, a writer, an executive, a director or just anyone, all will get the same opportunity. God’s Fairness, He doesn’t need to look at the positions in this world for Him to present His award. Whoever is capable of making anything in this world to receive His pleasure, she is eligible…”

Azimah continued to nod gently.“ O yes…but…er.. never mind…, I have to hurry, I will call you again later yea!” she said abruptly. Then she got up and put out her hands to shake my hand (salaam). I could not make out what was in her mind.

I pray so that her decision will be clearer with regards to which award that she should consider.  The best will be, to do good deeds not because of fear of Hell, not because of the wish for Heaven, but because of the responsibility and our submission as a servant towards God.