Are we grateful with all of Allah’s favors or blessings ?
Even if we are grateful,
But with the little favors
We are grateful over miserly favors,
Which we put efforts in and the ones that we request
Probably we are grateful with the promotion that we received,
Maybe because of the wealth that we achieved
At times maybe because of our children or because of our good health
Why are we grateful with Allah Taala with His bestowals that are too miserly?
But have we ever felt grateful with Allah because of the faith and Islam that we received?
Have we felt grateful with the blessings of our existence by Allah?
Faith and Islam, favors that are beyond comparison
Our existence that we did not ask for
is also a great favor from God
Why do we not see how magnificent are the blessings of faith and Islam?!
Why didn’t we think of being grateful to God, for our existence in this world?
In fact we don’t feel anything about faith and Islam
We do not even think of our existence as favors or blessings
We see wealth as something that is great
Position and status that we see as huge and awesome
The small things we see them as big
The big things we see them as small
If we can’t even recognize favors or blessings
When we can’t even value favors or blessings
What more with God
Whom we have not yet recognize



To look after our heart is weary indeed
Even when we are cautious
When people praise us, our heart blooms like a flower
When people look down on us, it is painful like we are being poked or stabbed with a dagger
When we do good deeds
We feel excited and very eager to share the stories
We feel depressed when the stories are not shared
There is glamour
There is name
O, how unfortunate if the stories are not shared
While giving a speech, we notice the audience nodding their heads
“I am quite good actually!” the heart whispered
When seeing someone else with special abilities
Ouch! It feels like swallowing a bitter fruit
The heart wrinkles extending to the face
Or the face turns sour like vinegar
When seeing friends with weaknesses
The heart feels excited to gossip or ridicule
Ouch! It is very difficult to look after our hearts
Ouch! Where is sincerity
And yet, God’s view is at our hearts


O Allah, we have faith in You
At times when we turn away from You, please remind us
When we are kneeling before You, please put sincerity in our hearts
So that our worship will gain Your acceptance
At times when we are under trials and tribulations, please strengthen our souls
So that we are calm and composed while undergoing the tests
So that we do not sacrifice our own faith
During those moments when we are in comfort
Do not make us turn away from You, so that we feel grateful
Please instill in our hearts feelings of love and fear for You
So that we do not love and fear anything else but You
Please make us joyful by remembering You
You are what we need most
Please do not leave us
You are our life and death
Please guide us always
So that our life and death,
we will receive Your redha or acceptance


Do continually reflect into our hearts
Because it is a source of good and evil
A receptacle for disbelief and belief
Something to be fought for between the angels and demons
The heart, its feelings is delicate
Its touch could not be felt
But it greatly affects our lives
Whoever is well versed with the journey of his heart
Understands its goodness and evilness
And seriously struggle to remove his evilness
And immediately replace it with goodness
That person will be safe from the trickery of the devil and the world
Many people do not understand the journey of their hearts including the scholars
They simply accept the good and the bad
And then to feel that everything is good
And no longer feels sinful
Here is where the need for guidance from a spiritual teacher
who knows the heart of human beings




O Allah, O Rabbi
Please listen to my weeping heart
I am Your unworthy servant
Please accept my repentance
I am Your wrongful servant
Please pardon all of my sins

You are Most Benevolent
You are Most Merciful
You are Most Forgiving
You are The One to accept my repentance

With my lament, please do listen to them
I am in misery over my sins
With my grievances, please do accept them
With my request, please do not let me be disheartened

I am in misery over my sins and state of shame
Over my immoral conduct
I seek with Your Grace
Please pardon all of my sins

I regret over my wrongdoings
Please accept my repentance
Please guide me
I have suffered, I have agonized
Let my fear be my shafaat in Hereafter

I express my sufferings to You, O Allah
You are The One to whom I confide my grief and sorrow
No one else can forgive
Except You, O Allah

You are Most Benevolent
You are Most Merciful
You are Most Forgiving
You are The One to accept my repentance




The world is filled with all kinds of crises
There is no country which is free of crisis
Political crisis, economic crisis
Moral crisis, value crisis
Household crisis, social crisis
Racial, ethnic and tribal crisis
Life is full of fear, wherever we go there is concern
Peace and security no longer exist
Love and harmony has disappeared
Please wake up O religious scholars, leaders and intellectuals, to address the crisis
If is not a political crisis, it is a moral crisis
If it is not a social crisis, it is a family crisis
If it is not a value crisis, it is a tribal crisis
Would someone facing crisis be the one to handle the crisis?
Would the one causing problems be able to settle the problems?
Would criminals be able to get rid of crimes?
O Allah, please send the savior immediately
So that the world will be peaceful again
The ones available at present are all destructive individuals and criminals

Before bedtime




When knowledge is given
Without guidance
Even if there is guidance, it is incomplete
Human beings may succeed to become clever and competent people
They are developed in various aspects of life
Their living facilities are very comfortable indeed
Their material civilization are awesome
However, with the progress, there is jealousy
With luxury, kindness is missing
Human beings become arrogant, haughty and selfish
Human beings tend to show off, seeking for name and glamor
Humanity is ruined, tolerance is destroyed
Society becomes very individualistic
Crimes occur day in day out
Fraternity disappears, love and care is ruined
Finally, with progress and development, life is full of fear
With civilization, fear and anxiety invading daily
In the end, human beings lose their happiness
Therefore, knowledge should be simple, guidance must be perfect
If knowledge is abundant, while guidance is complete, that is the most favorable
At this present time, while searching for knowledge, guidance is neglected
As a result, many human beings appear to be very intelligent
But their personal character, more like animals and satan
Or the least, the way they live are liken to the trees in the forest.

Before bedtime



Hardship in my younger days
Introduced me to the meaning of suffering
Such that I cannot hear of anyone suffering
I am inclined to help them
My mother’s death when I was a kid
Made me realize how sad it was to be motherless
I therefore sympathize with orphans
I wish I can entertain them
And make them happy
Hardship in my life
In all aspects of experiences
In the consumption of food and beverages
In my place of residence, in the clothes I wear
Made me sensitive to the suffering of others
Experiences in life
Gave me many lessons and guidance
Raised my consciousness and guilt
Very useful for the future struggle
Those are the benefits of higher education having eluded me
Due to hardship and persistent obstacles
But I had the opportunity to learn from life
From here I derive knowledge and experience

Before bedtime
20th October 2002


Not everyone who has made a name for himself is a hero
Not everyone who has a name and glamor with many fans is a hero
A person who is strong is not necessarily a hero
A person who is brave is also not necessarily a hero
If everyone who is brave is considered as a hero
The bravest who kill himself
Is he considered as the best hero?
He is the most condemned!
He is the most unfortunate and disgraced!
Who is actually the real hero?
Is he someone who is able to swim across the ocean?
Someone who conquers the space?
The true hero as what our Prophet has mentioned
Someone who is willing to fight his own nafs




People with principle and ambition are not many
In fact, there are only a few people who hold both a principle and ambition.
A person with a principle and ambition is one who has his own stand.
A person with a principle and ambition is one who is willing to endure hardships.
He feels satisfied for upholding his principle even though humiliation awaits him.
Majority of people in this world are those who merely think of food and women.
Majority seek positions for the same reason.
Majority seek fame also for the same reason.
Majority seek monetary gains for the same reason as well.
This is why these few people who hold a principle and ambition,
they are usually at the forefront, controlling the majority of people.
An ambitious person is usually the one who holds power.
Even if he holds a wrong principle and ambition.
As people with a principle, they fight for what they believe in.
For the sake of their principle, they are able to endure hardships.
In fact, some are willing to die, all for the sake of upholding their principle.