There are many who worship nature
but nature has been damaged by human beings
There are many who worship status and rank
finally they fall as well
There are many who worship money
they end up losing everything that they have
or they do not know what to do with it

Quite a number of those who are worship beautiful female
who eventually die or they get older
some will run away after cheating on us
finally they are lost somewhere that we cannot trace
there is no letter, there is no news

In fact, whatever that we go after, all will perish
nothing is permanent, nothing is truly dependable
there is nothing that prevails
Whatever that we have, all are disappointing
At most, at the end of life, they don’t achieve all that they want

O fellow human beings, try to use your mind and pay some attention
Make it a learning lesson, make it into an experience
Do we still wish to go after all those things again?
those things which were deceptive and disappointing

Let us worship God, He will not disappoint us
Let us love Him, He is eternal never-ending
Let us use everything to worship Him
Let us chase after anything as long as it is for God





The Muslim world of today,
have been influenced by the teachings
which says that there is no relationship
between the unseen world with the world they are currently in.

It means that when a person dies,
the relationship is then cut off.
That is the teaching which controls
the Muslim world.

But Abuya came up,
He said, O my people
Do recite every day, five times a day.
Do recite certain verses of the Quran until complete.

Let us get together and take a trip to the invisible world
We should not pay any attention
to the people who said our relationship
with them over there has broken up.

Let us go there.
Our Prophet is there.
His family are all there.
All his companions, all the other Prophets,
all the Messengers are all there

All the righteous people, all the saints of Allah
and our brothers
Muslimin and muslimat,
Mukminin and mukminat
who have passed on
including our fathers and mothers
who had gone.
are all included as well as
our families who had left.

Over there is our beloved Syeikh and Abuya,
they are currently in the other world.
They are all citizens over there.

Let us go.
We shall go but not empty-handed.
We should bring along our trays of gifts
Present to all of them..
For each of our tray
they will respond with tenfold trays.
We will be welcomed
and we will be rewarded with
There is a relationship between this world and the world of the unseen
Muslims have been deceived and cheated
for saying that there is no relationship between the living with the dead

According to the Quran,
the people of taqwa
are those who believe in the invisible world
Faith is not a mere believe,
But there is a sense of longing,
there is a feeling of wanting to go there.
This is said to have faith.
Allazi nayu’minunabilghaibb
this is the first few sentences that we read
when we open the Qur’an.

Those people,
people whom God love,
the people of the truth,
the people who have taqwa
They are very in love, they long, they are passionate
with the invisible world.


Which one belongs to us? There is nothing that we own
Whatever there is, all of them belong to Allah
There is nothing that we own, we merely make an effort and work for them
Whatever that we get, Allah has prepared them for us

We belong to Allah, the earth and the sky are all His creations
We can have anything, but nothing escapes from being His creations
Which one belongs to us? There is nothing that we own
We merely make efforts with whatever it is

Why are we being arrogant for owning what belongs to Allah?
Why aren’t we embarrass towards Allah who is the Owner?
By right, we should be thankful to God who give everything to us
Do feel embarrass towards Him for having something which He own

Do not feel proud with what we have
If God do not grant it, we do not have anything at all

We should not rake up our own past good deeds
Our deeds are just an entity, in reality they belong to God

Be thankful and not boastful
Be thankful and not rake up past deeds
Do make use of all the pleasures granted by God to serve others
Then simply forget about them so that we do not rake them up in future.



Ouch! My heart is in distress when confronting Ramadhan
It is as if something is not right
I feel stressful always with its presence
In case I do not greet its arrival as well as I should

For me, the presence of Ramadhan is liken to the presence of a highly revered guest
Presence of someone revered and dignified
The arrival of someone renowned and respected
Someone who is loved and idolized
An idolized figure for one and shared by all

Ouch! How should I welcome someone like this?!
Nothing seems right
Ouch! It is worrying, which way and how should I dignify him?!
Nothing seems right
Ouch, it is worrying, which way and how should I dignify him
Befitting his greatness
Proportionately matched with his dignity and prominence
The reason for me being anxious always with his appearance
Whether I am being impolite with him
I am afraid of damaging his honour
He is a prominent man
Whom we should greet accordingly with his prominence

If he does not appear, it may be better
than for him to appear
But it has been destined by God
that he visits us once a year
Let’s greet him with deep feelings of anxiety and concern

Abuya Ashaari Muhammad Attamimi



Please forgive O Allah Most Supreme

Please forgive O Allah Most Supreme

Please forgive O Allah Most Supreme

Allah, You are the only God, there is none other except You

You are Most Most Alive

You are Most Independent

Your servant repent O Allah

Your servant repent O Allah

Your servant repent O Allah

Repentance from a cruel servant

Who feels powerful even when he is powerless

Powerless to cause any harm

Powerless to give any benefits

Powerless to take any life

Powerless to give any life

Powerless to resurrect a life


You Shall Definitely Return To The Country Where You Came From


Whether you wish to return or not

You shall be forced to return

Because your original country is Hereafter

In this world, you are liken to a merchant

Seeking for provisions and wealth

Allah provides you opportunities, to look for provisions as plenty as you can

So that you shall be comfortable in the Hereafter

However, you should remember

Not to seek for forbidden items

Forbidden items are not allowed to be taken home

Anyone who does this will certainly be punished

Will you be able to withstand the punishment?

The punishment is fire in hell

Together with severe beatings, whipping and torture

By the Angel named Rabbaniah

Who is extremely fierce and vicious

Some will remain there permanently , – Wal-‘iyazubillah

And some will be punished for thousands of years

Ouch! how dreadful, Ouch! how distressful

Will we be able to withstand all these?

Everyone should be able to give their own answers!


After ‘Asar