Be prepared for the day
when everyone thinks for himself
No one to help defend
Each person becomes his own defense lawyer
All the witnesses whether good or bad
are his own parts of the body
At that moment his mouth is locked
Eyes, hands, and feet will reveal their stories
Nothing will be left untouched
Nothing will be hidden
Everything will be exposed even a single speck of dust
Time spent in this world
All actions, words and heart feelings are recorded
All notes taken will be filed
During the court session in front of Rabbul Jalil, all will be revealed
All of our work that we have forgotten will be remembered again
Everything will be screened on God’s tv in front of us
Where can we run to?
There is no where to hide
Everyone will look through their good and bad deeds
After that Allah Taala the Fairest Judge will make His decision
Some go to Paradise some go to Hell
Everyone will be satisfied, including the ones who are imprisoned in Hell




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Come to Me
O My servants!
Return to Me as soon as possible
I will still accept you, do trust Me
You are My servant, My creation
Being weak and careless is your nature
I want you to admit your weakness
Every time you are guilty, please come to Me
Confess your guilt, and cry before Me
As a sign of never ending remorse
Be aware,  O My servant
The grieving from the people who have sinned
Is what I love, more than My love from the prayers of the Auliya’s
Do not put off any more
No one is not guilty
You are a servant
I love people who admit that they are guilty
I  love those who are in repentance
O My servants !
Seek forgiveness from Me
I will still accept you
Am  I not your God ?
My love to you
Is beyond  the love of a mother to her child
This is Allah’s desire
To His  servants
As explained from Al Quran and As Sunnah



O Allah, O Rabbi
Please listen to my weeping heart
I am Your unworthy servant
Please accept my repentance
I am Your wrongful servant
Please pardon all of my sins

You are Most Benevolent
You are Most Merciful
You are Most Forgiving
You are The One to accept my repentance

With my lament, please do listen to them
I am in misery over my sins
With my grievances, please do accept them
With my request, please do not let me be disheartened

I am in misery over my sins and state of shame
Over my immoral conduct
I seek with Your Grace
Please pardon all of my sins

I regret over my wrongdoings
Please accept my repentance
Please guide me
I have suffered, I have agonized
Let my fear be my shafaat in Hereafter

I express my sufferings to You, O Allah
You are The One to whom I confide my grief and sorrow
No one else can forgive
Except You, O Allah

You are Most Benevolent
You are Most Merciful
You are Most Forgiving
You are The One to accept my repentance




The world is filled with all kinds of crises
There is no country which is free of crisis
Political crisis, economic crisis
Moral crisis, value crisis
Household crisis, social crisis
Racial, ethnic and tribal crisis
Life is full of fear, wherever we go there is concern
Peace and security no longer exist
Love and harmony has disappeared
Please wake up O religious scholars, leaders and intellectuals, to address the crisis
If is not a political crisis, it is a moral crisis
If it is not a social crisis, it is a family crisis
If it is not a value crisis, it is a tribal crisis
Would someone facing crisis be the one to handle the crisis?
Would the one causing problems be able to settle the problems?
Would criminals be able to get rid of crimes?
O Allah, please send the savior immediately
So that the world will be peaceful again
The ones available at present are all destructive individuals and criminals

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A few basic acts of worship performed without worldly love are considered more significant than abundance in worship but performed with full of worldly love.

Generally, the truth is hard to put into practice but once observed it gives a fulfilling experience.
An evil act is easy to accomplish but it will never bring any spiritual contentment.

If the truth seems bitter for us to take, simply assume it to be a medicine. Most bitter medicine helps to cure illness, isn’t that so?

Hardships are necessary for guidance in our journey in life.

Many are aware of diseases but they do not know how to cure them. Many are aware of problems but they do not know how to solve them.

Human beings are well aware that beyond youth is old age. But during their youth they forget that old age will appear later on. They then spend their energy and time during their younger days as if their youth lasts forever. When old age appears, they regret and wish that they could return to their youth to redeem all the years they have wasted. Alas, their dreams are mere dreams, an endless regret.

To love our own self until we become too selfish means we are destroying ourselves but we do not realize the fact that we are the cause of the self destruction. Being selfish means we hate our own self without realizing it.

O Allah, I have two dreadful enemies, both are invisible i.e Satan and my own nafs. The closest enemy and the most dangerous is nafs which is within me. It is more dangerous than the condemned satan as it is the pathway for satan.
I seek Your protection against the evil deeds of my own nafs and satan. You are my Only Protector, please help me O Allah. Ameen




Sincerity is a status of the highest degree
It determines whether our deeds are accepted or otherwise
It is Allah’s mystery
Even the Angels do not know
The person himself does not know
If someone gives something to a person
With the intention of getting help from that person during hard times
Then his deed is wiped out
If that person does not say thank you
He would say in his heart, that is not right
His sincerity is lost
If he gives something while saying, “Please take this, I am sincere”
This will revoke his sincerity
The person who was helped at one time, then turn hostile towards him
His little heart said, ” Oh! how ungrateful this person is!
His sincerity is then withdrawn
O Allah! How difficult it is for our deeds to be accepted
Do check our heart always



Allah says ” And O Believers turn towards God in repentance, so that you may attain bliss”.
( Surah Al Nur 24:31)

Rasulullah PBUH said, ” The one who repents from sin is like one without sin, and if God loves a servant, sin does not adhere to him”.
Then he recited, ” Verily God loves those who turn unto Him ( in repentance ) and He loves those who purify themselves”. ( Surah Al Baqarah 2:222)

It was asked, ” O Messenger of Allah, what is the sign of repentance?”
He replied, ” Remorse”.
The Messenger PBUH is reported to have said, ” There is nothing more loved by Allah than the youth who repents.”

Repentance is to return from what is blameworthy in the law of Islam to what is praiseworthy in it.

The Prophet SAW said, ” Remorse is an act of repentance.”

There are three conditions of repentance which must be present in order that it be sound:
1. Remorse for the violations that have been committed
2. Immediate abandonment of the lapse
3. Firm resolve not to return to similar acts of disobedience.”

When a man abandons major sins,
Loosens from his heart the bond of persistence,
And firmly intends not to return to sin,
at that moment true remorse comes to his heart.
He regrets what he has done
and reproaches himself for the repugnant acts he has committed.
Then his repentance is complete
His striving is true and his exchanges the comradeship of the evil companions he previously kept for isolation and for detestation to them.
He works day and night in sorrow
and he embraces sincerity of regret in all his states
Erasing by the flood of his tears the traces of his stumbling
and treats the wounds of his sins with the goodness of his repentance

….. DU’A………..

O Allah, please take me while I am in repentance
or take me while I’m doing honorable deeds
or take me while I’m in fear of You
or take me while I’m longing for You
Please take me while You are pleased with me
Do not take me while I’m in Your wrath
O Lord, I’m Your servant
who is in need of guidance
Please guide me to the right path
O Lord, while the other people are seeking for the world
Let the world seeks for me instead
I will subject it to preconditions
If it is willing, I will accept
If it refuses, I will simply dismiss it



If a servant has an adequate knowledge
His soul is righteous that his heart is guided
He will be seen as someone who is calm and composed
His acts of worship especially his prayers, are well disciplined
When confronting people, he is full of wisdom and gentleness
He is highly revered, his character is noble
Everyone is comfortable with him
If he is a leader, he is truly adored and loved
His work is well arranged and managed
He is calm, not rushed and well disciplined
He is very skillful in human interactions
He is very well mannered with his Lord
He is in acceptance with God’s destiny, he is patient with trials and tribulations
He gives priority to others before himself
He is tolerant towards other human beings
Truly sympathetic with those undergoing hardships and facing calamities
His remembrance of Allah is constantly alive
His soul is full of life, very alert and he loves to serve other people


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O Allah ! How weak and lowly Your servant is

Being powerless and without any strength

The power and strength, both are completely Yours

Even if while I am sitting

You can make me tumble down

You can take my life

And You can make me forgetful

While I am having my rest

You can make me dizzy all of a sudden

I can fall down

I can be unconscious, in fact I can even die

While I am having my meals

You can make me choke

I can have a bone stuck at my throat

At anytime, I can plunge down to the ground

While I am talking, You can do anything with me

You can me forget about something that I wish to say

At that moment, I can be coughing

I may even collapse at that time

While I am sleeping

You can put me into a deep sleep and continue to be asleep

That is from the beginning I had a small sleep, then continued to a big sleep

Or as soon as I get up from a sleep, then I can just die off

That is all up to You

You can do anything to me

Wherever I am , whenever, in whatever situation

You can do whatever to me

I don’t have any power at all

There is no strength at all within me

The reason why I put my fate entirely to You

My health , my nourishments , my security , I do submit to you

My relaxation , my comfort and my happiness

I am certain that You do not oppress Your servants

If so , my entire life and death

I surrender everything to You

As I do not have any power whatsoever

It is up to You, O Allah

But I am in favor of You



O Allah, O my Lord
Please make the tears that I shed while I’m in fear of You
Be the extinguisher for the flames of Your Hellfire
The tears that trickle on the ground
Be the one to relinquish me of all my sins
O Lord! if not for Your blessings
I will not be safe
At least, if not for Your forgiveness
I will not be free from the punishments
I’m helpless, please assist me
My nafs ( desires ) are wild
Please help me constantly to fight against my nafs
Satan is deceiving me as always
Please protect me against it
There are too many paths of evil
Some are obvious while some are inconspicuous
If not for Your guidance I will be lost along the way
Please guide me always
So that I will be free from harm during my journey to You