Smile is a charity

A form of charity without money and goods

Being friendly at gatherings is also charity , without having to part with any of our belongings

It can bring brotherhood and love among human beings

Being considerate is also favored by Allah

When it happens during socializing , people do like it very much

It can get rid of the litigants in human interactions

People feel comfortable , people do like it , people will become friendlier

People do  also love when there is give and take

People love to make friends , people like to hang out , people love to hear stories

In life these are indispensable, needed by everyone

So that people will love us

Greeting one another, to mingle, being curious and asking questions, people do like this

People do feel comfortable and like to be with us

People do  want to get to know and meet us

When we are a traveler, being in a foreign land, people do love to receive us as their guests

Wherever we go we should be helpful to others, easily lending our hands for others, people do like it

People do like to hang out with us , they could also like to make friends with us

We make it simple and easy for ourselves to be invited to their house to be their guests

The above characters, if we take them anywhere, people will like it

We make them as our culture in our lives

Everywhere we go, we can easily make friends and acquaintances

All of the characters described are assets for human beings in their lives



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