Do continually reflect into our hearts
Because it is a source of good and evil
A receptacle for disbelief and belief
Something to be fought for between the angels and demons
The heart, its feelings is delicate
Its touch could not be felt
But it greatly affects our lives
Whoever is well versed with the journey of his heart
Understands its goodness and evilness
And seriously struggle to remove his evilness
And immediately replace it with goodness
That person will be safe from the trickery of the devil and the world
Many people do not understand the journey of their hearts including the scholars
They simply accept the good and the bad
And then to feel that everything is good
And no longer feels sinful
Here is where the need for guidance from a spiritual teacher
who knows the heart of human beings




Sincerity is a status of the highest degree
It determines whether our deeds are accepted or otherwise
It is Allah’s mystery
Even the Angels do not know
The person himself does not know
If someone gives something to a person
With the intention of getting help from that person during hard times
Then his deed is wiped out
If that person does not say thank you
He would say in his heart, that is not right
His sincerity is lost
If he gives something while saying, “Please take this, I am sincere”
This will revoke his sincerity
The person who was helped at one time, then turn hostile towards him
His little heart said, ” Oh! how ungrateful this person is!
His sincerity is then withdrawn
O Allah! How difficult it is for our deeds to be accepted
Do check our heart always



Salat is the mother of all worship
The official worship from God to His entire servants
It is a formal meeting
Five times, day and night with Allah
Meaning, it is a formal meeting with The King
the Almighty , the King of All Kings
Liken to an official meeting with a mortal king
Among the entire subjects
How are we , what do we actually feel
What should the preparations be?
We prepare a beautiful attire
We cleanse our body
We put on a nice scented perfume, we take a ride on a vehicle until we reach the palace
In the palace court, we sit down courteously
in front of the king
We sit down with total humility
Our shoulders hunched, while our eyes gazing towards the floor,  humbled
We do not turn our heads,  we neither look to the left nor right
Our hearts are full of concern, feeling disgrace and  in apprehension
No one dared to utter any single word
And chatting
Awaiting with great anxiety to the king’s command
What is the king’s command, what is his order, what is his entrustment
And what is his advice ?
It is the same with SALAT, a meeting with God
An official meeting , he is The King of All Kings
The King who is non-human
The King who has the Zat Most Glorious
from any other imitations
His knowledge is penetrating, His vision is penetrating,
His hearing is penetrating
With this meeting, we should be more serious
More civilized, more orderly and fearful
At that time we prepare ourselves
Cleansing our exterior and inner self
Awaiting the worship with deep feelings of apprehension
Modest, in deep concentration, tadharuk
Afraid and shameful to be talking and chatting
Except about something that is related with God
We worship in entirety, our whole mind, heart and soul
Entirely focused on God
Our physical follow to ruku’
Our thoughts follow to ruku’, our hearts follow to ruku’,
Our physical follow to sujud, our mind follow to sujud, and our soul follow to sujud
While standing upright, we should feel
as if we are in the Field of Mahsyar
While God is looking at us
Ouch, our stomach feeling squeezed, our souls should be trembling
At that time, there is nothing else that we should remember
Except, our entire heart, soul and thoughts
Only for God and nothing else
However, not so many people are that way
When they face the mortal king, they feel more fearful, modest and polite
From facing God, The Creator of human beings
Because people are not familiar with God, His Creator

Before Zuhur 23-10-1999



O Allah, we have faith in You
At times when we turn away from You, please remind us
When we are kneeling before You, please put sincerity in our hearts
So that our worship and prayers will gain Your acceptance

At times when are under trials and tribulations, please strengthen our souls
So that we are calm and composed while undergoing the tests
So that we do not sacrifice our own faith in You

During those moments when we are in comfort
Do not make us turn away from You, so that we feel grateful
Please instill in our hearts feelings of love and fear for You
So that we do not love and fear anything else but You
Please make us joyful by remembering You
You are what we need most
Please do not leave us
You are our life and death
Please guide us always
So that our life and death,
we will receive Your redha or acceptance



What is Polygamy?

Polygamy is a way of life in a family as commanded by God. For Allah and Rasul, life as a family is polygamy. While monogamy is the last choice. To have one wife is meant only for the people who are too weak to be fair leaders. Polygamy is actually needed by both men and women.

Woman who loves God absolutely requires polygamy. This is because between the responsibility towards God and responsibility towards her husband, polygamy is the way for her to fulfill it. That is submission towards God, love with God and sacrifice for God will be most practical when our lifestyle is polygamy. Polygamy provides many great deal and wide opportunities for one to demonstrate that one’s life is only for the sake of God. Whoever prays in the real sense of the word will surely never miss this opportunity. This is because a prayer states that life is only for God.

Polygamy trains women to say:

God, the match whom You bestow upon me, this husband of mine, I am blessed to have him so that I can be more thankful to You. So, I will prove it to You, that a husband is a leader and a wife is an obedient follower. This leader who can lead more than one wife, I will share all the pleasures I receive from my husband and this household with another woman who also needs it. For the sake of obeying Your commands O Lord, so that my love for You is verified and also for the sake of getting Your acceptance O Lord. And so that the Prophet’s Sunnah is my Sunnah too. That is polygamy is helping woman to free herself from the nafs ammarah. That is polygamy is the most effective cure to obtain God’s love. The hardships in polygamy is indeed needed to cleanse the heart from the evil and filthy nafs. Whoever wishes to die as someone who brings along a protected heart, will certainly choose polygamy as a way of life. With regards to this protected heart, Allah has revealed in Al Quran, meaning:

” On that day ( Day of Reckoning ) wealth and children will not be of any use unless you bring along a protected heart.” ( As Syu’ara: 88-89 )

What do men need polygamy? Yes, it is for the men to say, ” For the sake of God, I will demonstrate that a man is capable of marrying 4 women, to lead them to God, to totally fulfill the love and care and their welfare, to provide many children and to make them feeling satisfied and contented with all these. With the condition that You care to be with me throughout my entire life, O Allah. O Lord, You are Most Just, please make me into a leader who is fair and just.”

God, whenever there exist a man and women who possess the hearts mentioned earlier, then they will be united in a marriage so that a harmonious and beautiful polygamy will take place as what You meant. Al Quran and Hadith will then be practiced as a way of life. Then, appear a live and moving Al Quran and Hadith, implementing an Islamic way of life. The Pillars of Faith and the Pillars of Islam become alive within the pillars of life of human. And it is the beginning of Islamic resurgence on God’s earth. Amin, O Allah.




Every one wants to be loved and cared for.
We would be happy if someone loves us and we would be sad if someone hates us.
That is the nature of every people’s heart, irrespective of creed or religion.
This is what we call natural instinct.
This natural instinct could not be removed from our heart.
And no heart is devoid of this instinct.
It is part and parcel of human life.
It needs to be taken care of and fulfilled like the needs to eat and drink which are instinctive needs that cannot be ignored but must be satisfied.
Otherwise, life would be incomplete and happiness will be gone

To challenge our own pure instinctive needs is just like hurting ourselves.
Just like someone who rejects marriage
he is actually going against his own instinctive needs.
That is equivalent to hurting himself.
Instead, if we care for our own instinctive needs and satisfy its requirements
we have fulfilled our responsibility towards our own selves.
Only then we would feel that we love and care for ourselves and others.

Someone who is loved by others would feel that his natural instinct has been fulfilled.
This makes him calm and happy
On the other hand, if someone feels that there is no one who loves him
and he feels everybody despises and hates him
his heart and soul would experience emptiness so much so that he feels life is meaningless and is pessimistic about the future
He would suffer from dejection and humiliation
He would feel lonely and isolated in the midst of a crowd
Life seems to be meaningless, therefore he would rather die
If he does not possess iman (faith), this man would normally decide to take his own life
Indeed, failure to fulfill one’s natural instinct would cause psychological depression, that could lead to suicide




When our heart is warm and relaxed, a cramped home feels spacious.
When our heart is cold and stressed, a spacious house feels cramped.

We need to protect the spiritual component of our hearts
Comfort, hardships, all are determined by it.
When our heart is open and relaxed, a hard life feels comfortable
A difficult life feels luxurious
Being poor and yet feeling rich and joyful
When our spiritual heart is cold and tight
Wherever we go, we feel like we are being squeezed
A wide open space feels narrow and constricted
We are wealthy and yet we feel poor, we have and yet we feel as if we have not
Whatever we eat, it doesn’t taste right
And yet there are various types of dishes served in front of us
When our heart is small and tight, we don’t know what we are looking for
As if we are searching for something that we don’t own
We feel as if we don’t own anything
We feel something is missing endlessly, we feel lacking always
Thus, the feelings of discomfort, thrusting into our hearts
Feeling of restlessness pouncing our hearts
Like our chest being affected by the invisible cancer
The only feeling there is pain

After Asar


Love God is the true love
Human beings fall in love easily with something that strikes their eyes
Human beings also easily love something that comes to their mind
While loving something that is seen by the eye
Or something that is simple to think of
It is a miserly love
Loving something that can be detected by the heart or soul , it is hard to detect
Because the mind and the eyes are always concealing the heart
Usually, the mind and eyes destroy the soul
Because of that, the heart and soul do not recognize their Lord
For that reason, God is not missed and loved



But God is the pure and true love. Love God is eternal love
Love God, the love that brings everlasting happiness
Loving God is a superior and prestige love
Rafiqul A’la , Uppermost and Faithful Companion
Loving Rafiqul A’la, there is no disappointment
Loving God, we will never be betrayed
The love that will be our defender
The love that will be our protector where ever we are
The love that will save us in both worlds
The greatest love that is unbeatable and unmatched
The love that if people know what it is
They will not only sacrifice their wealth and energy but even their own lives.

before bedtime


God is needed in life
He is everything for everyone
Let us create a picture to understand who God really is
The world we live in belongs to God
In the sky above the earth there are the sun, the moon and the stars: all are God’s creations
The air we breathe so we may live, each moment to another is bestowed by God
The beating heart is the body’s engine as designed by God
The mind is used to think and gain knowledge, a gift from God
Our physical body which is in constant use for human needs, is created by God
Our heart or soul of interchanging emotions
Such as happiness, sadness, comfort and hate: ruled by God
When we are sick, we take the medicine, but God is the One who cures not the medicine itself
When we are hungry and thirsty, we need to eat, all food and drink come from God
After eating we feel full, God is the One who makes it so
We feel tired after work and in need of rest, God allows us to sleep,
Then our energy returns to normal so may continue working, God is the One who gives it back
For enjoyment, God created man and woman
so that each may make the other happy
this joy comes from God
To bring forth the next generation
this is the result of the relationship between a man and woman
The birth of a child is also an enjoyment to both the man and woman, the parents
it will help fill the emptiness of the heart
When the relationship starts to break
the child will help bring them back together
Similarly, if we ponder deeply
and observe closely that there is nothing beyond God’s control
Then, God is greatly needed in life
or life is God’s responsibility
But why do humans forget God?
Why do humans not feel God’s role?
This is why God punishes people with the feeling of emptiness
The heart in distress, though they may have power and wealth
Do fear God and love Him
God is greatly needed
God is everything in the lives of everyone


Let us sharpen the language of our hearts

The heart speaks through feeling and emotions
The mind speaks through thinking and thoughts
The desires (nafs) speak through numerous yearnings and aspirations
The eyes speaks through shapes and colours
The tongue speaks through words and conversation
The body speaks through touch and contact
Let us speak through our hearts and be cultured
Let us refine our hearts and souls
Let our hearts and souls be the language experts

That is the way it should be, for the heart is the ruler within us
The ruler has the final say
The ruler has the lawful authority
The rest of the body should be obedient subjects
To become subjects serving the king
To become loyal soldiers

If human beings are capable of accomplishing all this
Life’s journey would be beautiful and meaningful
Everything is for God
Befitting God’s reason as to why mankind exists
To give ourselves to Allah and be His caliph.