When knowledge is given
Without guidance
Even if there is guidance, it is incomplete
Human beings may succeed to become clever and competent people
They are developed in various aspects of life
Their living facilities are very comfortable indeed
Their material civilization are awesome
However, with the progress, there is jealousy
With luxury, kindness is missing
Human beings become arrogant, haughty and selfish
Human beings tend to show off, seeking for name and glamor
Humanity is ruined, tolerance is destroyed
Society becomes very individualistic
Crimes occur day in day out
Fraternity disappears, love and care is ruined
Finally, with progress and development, life is full of fear
With civilization, fear and anxiety invading daily
In the end, human beings lose their happiness
Therefore, knowledge should be simple, guidance must be perfect
If knowledge is abundant, while guidance is complete, that is the most favorable
At this present time, while searching for knowledge, guidance is neglected
As a result, many human beings appear to be very intelligent
But their personal character, more like animals and satan
Or the least, the way they live are liken to the trees in the forest.

Before bedtime




A few basic acts of worship performed without worldly love are considered more significant than abundance in worship but performed with full of worldly love.

Generally, the truth is hard to put into practice but once observed it gives a fulfilling experience.
An evil act is easy to accomplish but it will never bring any spiritual contentment.

If the truth seems bitter for us to take, simply assume it to be a medicine. Most bitter medicine helps to cure illness, isn’t that so?

Hardships are necessary for guidance in our journey in life.

Many are aware of diseases but they do not know how to cure them. Many are aware of problems but they do not know how to solve them.

Human beings are well aware that beyond youth is old age. But during their youth they forget that old age will appear later on. They then spend their energy and time during their younger days as if their youth lasts forever. When old age appears, they regret and wish that they could return to their youth to redeem all the years they have wasted. Alas, their dreams are mere dreams, an endless regret.

To love our own self until we become too selfish means we are destroying ourselves but we do not realize the fact that we are the cause of the self destruction. Being selfish means we hate our own self without realizing it.

O Allah, I have two dreadful enemies, both are invisible i.e Satan and my own nafs. The closest enemy and the most dangerous is nafs which is within me. It is more dangerous than the condemned satan as it is the pathway for satan.
I seek Your protection against the evil deeds of my own nafs and satan. You are my Only Protector, please help me O Allah. Ameen



HAVING FREEDOM – What does it mean?

Having freedom does not mean that one is allowed to do just anything
Without considering whether it is halal or haram
Having freedom does not mean one can develop and build just anything
Without considering the rules of God
Having freedom does not mean one is allowed to do anything to satisfy one’s desire
Without considering God’s syariah
Having freedom does not mean one has unlimited freedom
Our nation’s freedom or independence  is being free from the colonials
But we are not entirely free in matters related with our God
Without the colonials we are free to choose our own identities
We are free to refer to God
We are free to choose and follow the life of the Prophet’s Sunnah
If we are free to do just anything
Then we as human beings would have lost our human identity
The nafs or evil desires will have a wild time
Satan will be their friend
What will happen to this world
if mankind behave like satan and animals?

August 1999


Who is this human being?
The first episode of his creation is from earth , it is humiliating
The place trampled by all beings
The second incident of his creation is from semen emitted from the repulsive channel
It is humiliating and also degrading
If it is wasted, no one is collecting it to put it at the place of honor
His sweat, the smell is nauseating
Whoever is nearby, his soul would agonize
The secretions out of his nose and ears are all disgusting
The excretions at the second way out are even worse, foul and embarrassing
Those are removed in the toilet
A place which is contemptible and disgusting
His tongue is also often used to harm , not for goodness
Slandering , gossiping , back biting , abusive , insulting
All these are the unseen and spiritual waste matter
These unseen and spiritual waste matter are very dangerous
They are pests of human society
His mind , his intelligence , his skill and knowledge
Commonly are to defraud, and for self-interest
His desire is worse , it is a criminal in himself that is destructive
His heart is always dominated by his lust
The king of the government within himself being controlled by his enemies
This evil king is the one who leads and prohibits
Thus, the whole of human life is destroyed
How could human being be noble ?
What is so special about human beings ?
Being noble, the main thing is if he has faith and righteousness
Otherwise, only the rotten things exist in humans .

after Asr


There are many who worship nature
but nature has been damaged by human beings
There are many who worship status and rank
finally they fall as well
There are many who worship money
they end up losing everything that they have
or they do not know what to do with it

Quite a number of those who are worship beautiful female
who eventually die or they get older
some will run away after cheating on us
finally they are lost somewhere that we cannot trace
there is no letter, there is no news

In fact, whatever that we go after, all will perish
nothing is permanent, nothing is truly dependable
there is nothing that prevails
Whatever that we have, all are disappointing
At most, at the end of life, they don’t achieve all that they want

O fellow human beings, try to use your mind and pay some attention
Make it a learning lesson, make it into an experience
Do we still wish to go after all those things again?
those things which were deceptive and disappointing

Let us worship God, He will not disappoint us
Let us love Him, He is eternal never-ending
Let us use everything to worship Him
Let us chase after anything as long as it is for God




Human beings, whether male or female
Whatever happens to them
They will not be satisfied
There is always something amiss
If one is brilliant, there’s always another person more brilliant than him
They are challenged by it
Certainly they do not like it
If one is rich
There’s always another one wealthier than him
One will envy the other
Especially if one is poor or unintelligent
Certainly he will hate it
If he is ill, he is constantly miserable
If he is healthy, he will cause hardships for others
Sometimes it is his wife, sometimes it is his children
Sometimes it is his neighbour, sometimes it is his country
His health can upset others
He is in difficulty, others add on to his difficulties
Inconveniencing each other
He is no one’s favourite
If mortals do not fear God
That will be their attitude
Making things difficult for each other
Even though they do not like it
The thing that they never despise
in their life there is only one
But they never realize it
If they are not told
For a man, he never likes not being a man
For a woman, she never regrets being a woman
Both are satisfied as how God created them



Why is the world today in this state and condition?

Why are the differences and divisions of human beings into various ethnic groups, languages, nations, religions, culture, skin colour and social status, separate rather than unite the people?

They are all homo sapiens, descendants of Adam and Eve.

Why do not these people live together in harmony, know each other well, be communicative and cooperative,
have a sense of belonging towards each other, be united and live like brothers and sisters?

After all, their feelings and needs are similar.

Why is there a huge obstacle that hinders communication between the continents,
so much so that it is totally cut-off?

Why is not there a sense of being in one big family among the people in a country?

Such a life is led by people who have lost the guidance to build a united society,
to work together and to help each other.

Whereas such guidance is required to develop an ideal life of togetherness
and to cater for their common interest so that continents, countries and individuals are able to co-exist.

Then only human society will be seen to be different from that of animals and plants.

Humans are then able to live in harmony and happiness as well as to experience universal peace and security. secure or peaceful as one family.

Neither can they see the beauty of staying together.

How do we save this situation?

If it is not saved, the world will be ruined. Man will lose his humanity and live in hell, one that he himself creates.

The key that could solve this problem and reduce its complexity is love and care.

Man, regardless of his race, language, religion and skin colour, wherever he may be and whatever status he possesses in society, is born with the instinct to love and to be loved.

If he feels that he is loved by others even though the person is from a different race or religion, he will be touched by it.

It makes him happy and he finds it easy to get along with that person.

A cruel leader if showered with love by his followers or people will become more humane and gentle.

If children express their love to a violent father, he will eventually turn soft and gentle.

This is the secret.

He is born with the need to be loved.

This is what we call natural instinct.

Love would bring continents and countries closer to each other.

It would tie men to become brothers even though they come from different races and have different languages, culture, religion, skin colour, social status and so on.

The need to be loved and the existence of such feelings in every man’s heart is endowed by ALLAH since the day he was born.

ALLAH who creates man on earth has provided these feelings of love and care in every man.

Man need not learn, request or work for it.

It is there in him right from the moment he was born.

This is known as instinctive feeling which is a natural characteristic.

Everybody, men and women have it either they are a leader or follower, parent or child, husband or wife, teacher or student regardless of their race and religion.

With this instinctive feeling, man is actually one and equal.

This need to be loved is a universal feeling.

It puts mankind in one single row and there is no difference between them.

If this feeling exists amongst them, they will unite and be considerate towards each other.

Thus, this is how it should be because that is what every soul needs.

It is the basic spiritual rights of all mankind that must be fulfilled.

There is no man who does not need it.

In fact, without it, man will lose his happiness.

Children will not be happy if they do not get love from their parents.

Similarly, parents too will suffer if their children do not love them.

Students will not be happy if they do not get love from their teachers.

Likewise, teachers too would suffer if their students do not love them.

Wives like to be loved by their husbands.

While husbands would suffer if their wives do not love them.

Leaders too, would want to be loved.

So do followers, friends and vice versa.

In short, everybody needs love from someone.

It makes them happy if they are loved.

Otherwise, he will feel disappointed and empty.

However, man today seems to be the victims of unfortunate circumstances, because they don’t get what they need most.

Husbands do not get the love they want from their wives.

Wives too do not get love from their husbands because both husbands and wives do not know how to shower love, although love is what they need.

This is what mankind suffers throughout the world.

As a result, they become tensed, restless, emotional, frustrated and some would even commit suicide.

Even though he is rich, highly knowledgeable or highly ranked, he expects to be loved.

Yet he himself does not know how to love others.

Thus, because of that, he is not loved by others.

When you hurt somebody, others will feel hurt, too.

They will lose their sympathy and respect for you.

Eventually, feelings of hatred and annoyance will grow and worsen.

Love will then totally perish.

Such is the condition of the world today.

Men would live together in a society but they are always in conflict with each other. Instead of love, hatred becomes the order of the society.

Life would be empty and the people would suffer.

How would we solve this problem?

Where would we find a way out?



Human’s self-defense
Or a man’s fortress,
Is not his physical body, but his soul,
In other words
Human identity is not his physical ,
But his spiritual part or soul,
Because the feelings of hardship or comfort are sensed in his soul,
If a man relies weakly
with God ,
His fortress will be weak or his own identity will be weak ,
If a man has a strong reliance with God ,
He will be strong and indestructible
Or his fortress is strong ,
A man’s physical follows his soul ,
If human’s identity is fragile ,
Then the human’s physical will collapse ,
Human identity collapse at various level,
Some are mild , some are serious , some are totally destroyed ,
which then cannot be corrected ,
If human identity cannot be restored ,
Life has no more meaning to humans ,
Even though they are rich, with name, with power, with knowledge and so on,
Initially, human identity get ruined little by little,
Just like the wooden pole being infested by termite,
Initially, it was just slightly ,
After a long time, after being left unchecked,
The pole finally fell over and shattered ,
The same with human soul
Or human identity,
He collapsed down little by little like a pole being eaten by termites,
If it is not repaired immediately,
Finally it will collapse and shatter,
The soul or human identity
When it is not firmly attached with God,
Initially his heart feels unsettled,
Then it rises again ,
The soul is just sighing, moaning and groaning
After which the feelings of being tormented sets in,
Followed by deep suffering
And then by a period of depression ,
The situation is noticeable on his face,
If left unchecked again , he will be disappointed
Then, if left unchecked again ,
The peak will be feelings of desperation,
His identity has broken down and shattered ,
Then it becomes easy for that person to commit suicide
with various means,
People who are in the state desperation ,
The fact is he becomes an infidel to God ,
If he dies, he will remain in hell ‘ Waliyazubillah ‘
During this era, the identity of Muslims have been damaged ,
Either slightly damaged or badly damaged ,
Damaged at the beginning or at the end
Muslims whether they are weak or strong
All depend on their reliance towards God ,
Some of them are like wooden poles
That has been eaten up by termites,
Cannot be restored ,
Just waiting for the pole
To slump down on the ground,
The signs that indicate Muslim’s identity has blemished,
Especially those that are waiting to fall down and shatter
It can be observed through their social interactions,
Like some people who get grumpy easily and it is more like a culture ,
Hatred and vengeance become a common practice ,
Getting into arguments and fights are too easy,
Even though the problem is small ,
Eventually , it will be easier to spark a brawl
And war ,
People like that are preceded by an identity
That is already fragile ,
When fragile, it is easy for them to get offended,
Easy to be irritable ,
Easy to keep a grudge
Easy to argue
And to dispute ,
Easy to feel hatred ,
Easy to get into fights and wars ,
During this age the souls of Muslims generally
Or their identities are already diseased ,
Some of them, their own-identities
Have broken down and shattered ,
But the Muslim leaders ,
The Muslim scholars
they do not understand anymore ,
In this situation where they do not understand
They were asked to unite ,
they were asked to advance ,
they were asked to develop,
they were asked for excellence and glory,
Finally , those words turn into dreams,
Turn into slogans ,
How can the Muslims who are sick
being asked to walk ,
being asked to unite and fight?



Human beings who live on this land of God
They are searching for all sorts of things
Most of them are able to achieve what they are looking for
Some manage to get wealth
Some manage to get power
Some manage to get name and glamor
Some manage to have women clinging around their waists
Some manage to gain strength
Some manage to get precious diamonds
Some manage to have many followers
Some are able to have God
But those who have God are so few
But strangely, those who have God
No matter how big the test that they are facing, they are able to withstand it
None of those people who have God, ever commit suicide
In life
But those that achieve something else besides God
Most of them commit suicide
As they can’t withstand when they are being tested
Sometimes, because of their wives they kill themselves
Sometimes, because of a severe illness that they can’t withstand
They take out their own lives
Sometimes, they can’t withstand the tests that come from their friends
They commit suicide
As if that is the way out
Some of them are in great agony caused by the passing of their beloved wife or husband
They commit suicide
Some of them lose their wealth, their hearts cannot withstand it
They commit suicide
Some of them who have power were then tested
Their country was attacked, they cannot withstand the test
They take their own lives
But strangely, those who have God, even though their tests
Which are a lot worse that God has befallen upon them
Not even a single one of them commit suicide
As an example in history, for the sake of our memory
Prophet Abraham AS was thrown into fire
he did not display any heartbreak
Prophet Moses AS was lost in the Field of Tea for forty years
Having to face the tantrums of his evil followers
Then having to plunge himself into the ocean
There was no disappointment in his heart, not even a size of a speck of dust
Prophet Yusof AS was separated from his father for forty years
He was betrayed by his own siblings
Then vilified with women
His heart has never been impaired
Prophet Muhammad SAW was confined
With his family for three years
In a battle, his teeth were broken
He was mired into a hole
His enemies also tried to kill him
By having him besieged in his own house
His wife was embarrassingly slandered by his enemies
But the Prophet remained calm
What is the secret?
Those who have God, no matter how big the test is
They not only do not commit suicide
But their hearts were not scarred at all
What is the secret?
Those who have God, their hearts do not have any imperfections
While the rest of the people who gained wealth
Richness, power
Precious diamonds and women
They have gained but the invaluable things
But those who have God
Even though the tests are great
They are able to withstand them
Those who have gained something else besides God
Even though plentiful, they have got something that are cheap
With little tests that they receive they are unable to withstand them
Even though they do not kill themselves
Their hearts are troubled
Their thoughts are incoherent
Their lives are on edge forever
That is just in this world
Not in Hereafter
Those who have God
They will have happiness in Hereafter
In Heaven forever
Not measured by time
Those who have got something else besides God
In Hereafter, they will lose a lot more
They will enter Hell, the torments are beyond description
It will go on forever
Unmeasured by time

3.40 pm


God is needed in life
He is everything for everyone
Let us create a picture to understand who God really is
The world we live in belongs to God
In the sky above the earth there are the sun, the moon and the stars: all are God’s creations
The air we breathe so we may live, each moment to another is bestowed by God
The beating heart is the body’s engine as designed by God
The mind is used to think and gain knowledge, a gift from God
Our physical body which is in constant use for human needs, is created by God
Our heart or soul of interchanging emotions
Such as happiness, sadness, comfort and hate: ruled by God
When we are sick, we take the medicine, but God is the One who cures not the medicine itself
When we are hungry and thirsty, we need to eat, all food and drink come from God
After eating we feel full, God is the One who makes it so
We feel tired after work and in need of rest, God allows us to sleep,
Then our energy returns to normal so may continue working, God is the One who gives it back
For enjoyment, God created man and woman
so that each may make the other happy
this joy comes from God
To bring forth the next generation
this is the result of the relationship between a man and woman
The birth of a child is also an enjoyment to both the man and woman, the parents
it will help fill the emptiness of the heart
When the relationship starts to break
the child will help bring them back together
Similarly, if we ponder deeply
and observe closely that there is nothing beyond God’s control
Then, God is greatly needed in life
or life is God’s responsibility
But why do humans forget God?
Why do humans not feel God’s role?
This is why God punishes people with the feeling of emptiness
The heart in distress, though they may have power and wealth
Do fear God and love Him
God is greatly needed
God is everything in the lives of everyone