Carelessness becomes customary to humans
Negligence becomes a character in humans
Forgetfulness becomes the natural habits of humans
Recklessness becomes their culture
Unsurprisingly, it is a common occurrence
No matter how smart and clever a man can be
He forgets to think first before taking any actions
Especially at the moment when he is angry
He acted recklessly
He did not take any time to think, he simply burst
After he has overreacted, then comes regret
So, being smart does not guarantee that humans will think prior to his actions
Being clever does not necessarily make a person thinks before doing anything
Hence, Islam makes it obligatory to educate nafs or desires
So one is calm and relaxed, so that his actions are not reckless
So that he is not impulsive
He has a reasonable time to think before doing something
But human beings are very passionate about educating their minds
To educate their nafs or desires is not in the education curriculum
Nafs or desires are not taken into account
As if nafs or desires do not exist in humans


After Fajr




History shown to us seems to be strange
Most of the renowned Muslim figures were from those who have suffered
Many of the Muslim figures and leaders were from the poor group of people
Quite a number of them were orphans
Rasulullah, his name is famous, he was an orphan
He was also poor, and his enemies were everywhere
He was like a nomad, seeking refuge
But his success in bringing up the truth was unparalleled
Sayidina Ali, he was poor since childhood
He was not that handsome either
But his knowledge was abundant, he was remarkably pious and devout
His crusade was incomparable
His sacrifices and service for Islam were extensive
Imam Syafie, his name is famous
An imam mujtahid who was unmatched
His knowledge was abundant which become our heritage
His was significantly pious and devout during his lifetime
But who is he?
He was an orphan, his mother was poor
His life was like a nomad, moving everywhere
That was where his success that brought knowledge and piety
Look at the fifth mujaddid, Imam Ghazali
A renowned Sufi , a fiqh scholar and a philosopher
His knowledge is still being used to this date
He was a poor person
His father died before his adulthood

Knowledge Generate Civilization
Knowledge should be sought
Do not ignore and do not neglect
Once knowledge is obtained , it should be practiced
It will generate progress
Knowledge of faith , knowledge on development
These two knowledge should be intergrated
So that development achieved is rooted with faith
That was commanded by God
Knowledge is an asset
Its worth is better than money
With knowledge, one can achieve wealth
But with wealth, it does not bring knowledge
Without knowledge, there is no progress
How can we develop the nation
With knowledge, there is progress
With knowledge, the nation can advance
Progress needs to be developed
Development needs knowledge
A nation without any progress , they will forever be a disgraced nation



Be fearful of blasphemy and idolatry or apostasy,
Because it is the peak or highest point of wickedness ,
All the three above will make a person remain permanently in the terrifying Hell,
The torment is unimaginable and cannot be described ,
Kufr or Shirk is not about disbelieving in the existence of God ,
Disbelievers also believe in the existence of God
There is disbelief and polytheism which are unnoticeable,
Because it is hard to detect
For example, when one is saying:
” If you follow God or Islam it will be hard to feed yourself ”
At this instance, there are two offenses :
Firstly, he is denying that with piety / taqwa there is guarantee from God
Secondly, he is having evil thoughts with God
There are other unnoticeable ways in which one can be in the state of disbelief
If you go to a religious school, it will be difficult to earn a living
If you go to a secular school, your life will be easier and comfortable
Or if you follow Islam, you will not be developed but you will be advanced if you follow the West
The fact is, he is doubtful with God or Islam ,
So unconsciously, he is considered as a munafik ( hypocrite ),
Even though he has memorized the Qur’an
or he is a devout Muslim scholar who is very knowledgeable in Islam,
Because he displays Islam while hiding his disbelief,
Despite his disbelief which is not associated with God’s Essence ,
Likewise, God says in the Holy Qur’an
” Whoever fears God, Allah will advocate for him and he has God’s assurance”,
But some will say in their heart,
“There was no help at all” ,
By right he should have said ,
” God never breaks His promise, but it is me who did not fulfill my promise
to God , and that’s why God ‘s promise was not granted.
It is not God’s oversight, I am the one at fault for not keeping my promise with God ”
To be an infidel or apostate in life is quite simple,
That is why the Prophet Muhammad SAW used to say at the end of time ,
For the Muslims who live at the end of time ,
Even though, as Muslims, they perform their morning prayers in an Islamic environment
During the evening, they had fallen out of Islam ,
As they have doubts in their heart unknowingly
But not because they doubted the Essence of God ,
But they doubted God’s promise ,
They thought it was not related to the faith in Islam ,
But it is an implicit belief / faith that is quite hard to understand .

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