A few basic acts of worship performed without worldly love are considered more significant than abundance in worship but performed with full of worldly love.

Generally, the truth is hard to put into practice but once observed it gives a fulfilling experience.
An evil act is easy to accomplish but it will never bring any spiritual contentment.

If the truth seems bitter for us to take, simply assume it to be a medicine. Most bitter medicine helps to cure illness, isn’t that so?

Hardships are necessary for guidance in our journey in life.

Many are aware of diseases but they do not know how to cure them. Many are aware of problems but they do not know how to solve them.

Human beings are well aware that beyond youth is old age. But during their youth they forget that old age will appear later on. They then spend their energy and time during their younger days as if their youth lasts forever. When old age appears, they regret and wish that they could return to their youth to redeem all the years they have wasted. Alas, their dreams are mere dreams, an endless regret.

To love our own self until we become too selfish means we are destroying ourselves but we do not realize the fact that we are the cause of the self destruction. Being selfish means we hate our own self without realizing it.

O Allah, I have two dreadful enemies, both are invisible i.e Satan and my own nafs. The closest enemy and the most dangerous is nafs which is within me. It is more dangerous than the condemned satan as it is the pathway for satan.
I seek Your protection against the evil deeds of my own nafs and satan. You are my Only Protector, please help me O Allah. Ameen





All human nature like other people to be good ,
When other people are good, it is in their favor even though they themselves find it difficult to do good deeds
Some people like other people to be fair , honest , generous ,
tolerant, forgiving, helping each other and many other good deeds
Except when there is jealousy ,
While the kind people because of their kindness, they are loved by many and they are influential too ,
These good people will be opposed , especially those who are also influential ,
They are slandered, accused, envied and their vulnerabilities are sought after
Why are people behaving like so ?
Because mortals are really selfish,
They love kindness from other people, they themselves do not like to do good deeds
They love good people, but not to the extent of those people being loved
and become influential because of their kindness,
Other influential people during their times are also envious of them ,
This situation happens every time at every era ,
The same thing happened to the Messengers and good people during their era ,
Similar attributes happen to everyone ,
Even the scholars except the people who are righteous and God-fearing ,
This disease is the cause of chaos in the lives of people in the society ,
This disease is the one that impedes the truth in every era ,
It also happens to the scholars who are not afraid of God ,
Especially , if that person is challenging his influence,
In fact, at the end of time, this disease happens a lot among the religious scholars
Except the scholars who fear God, but this is not very often ,
Such is the human character in every era if they do not fear God ,
The reason why to fear God is important ,
Not having any fear of God, it is the cause of all disease and the mushrooming of all negative symptoms in the society,
That is why it is important to fight for God until He is feared and loved ,
That is the secret on how to eradicate the disease in society
For security and peace of mankind, for them to live in harmony



O Allah, You are the God who created me, Your servant

Your servant who is poor and vulnerable

The one who has desires or lust which is always tempting, the devil that is always deceiving

How could I clean myself from sins

How could I get away from being guilty

O Allah, I seek with Your grace

I ask with Your love

Please give me the strength to protect myself

From the temptations of lust and deception of Satan

If I commit any sin and offense

Please remind me to repent

That repentance of mine, please accept it O Allah

That is, every time I commit any sin

Please remind me again to repent

As time goes on, please continue to accept my repentance O God

Because those who repent are considered as innocent

Hopefully when I return to you

I am free of sins

Your wrath no longer exist

Please save me from Hell

I am weak, that I expect from you, O God

Please accept my petition Ya Rahim , Ya Rahman




10:00 pm






God is very kind , He does not punish the disobedience of His servants immediately

God leaves them alone first

God is giving them the chance to think, to be aware and to realize

By God making them see with their eyes various incidents

Incidents which are either positive or negative to make them aware and realize

Or God is punishing them slowly little by little

or punishing them occasionally so that they realize

After going through various lessons and yet they still do not realize

God will then take away suddenly all the pleasures and grace

Like a sudden death, prolonged paralysis , a heavy calamity

Chaos in the family , there is no love and care between them

Or God just leaves them without being punished

After they are dead, only then they will be punished severely

Punishment like a painful death, sufferings in the grave , sufferings in the Field of Mahsyar

the peak of all the sufferings is Hell

Do take note of this narration

While we are still alive, we still do have time to think and correct ourselves

The time is not yet too late

Do return soon to God

Do fear Allah and love Him

Do love and care for each other among people

What more among our own families

Once we are dead, the door to all opportunities for us to correct ourselves is closed

Do be aware and realize from now before it’s too late


Before Zuhur








The people whom You love the most, O Allah
are the Messengers peace be upon them
After that are all the prophets and the saints,
Yet, they are the people who had to undergo the most number of tests
Tests after tests that You put onto them
That was the way how You treated the people whom You love
I understand the secret!
So that they can reinforce their sense of servitude
Also for You, O God to be always in their minds
Until they feel that You
are their guardian at all times
Until You are being missed and loved
Being remembered, being worshiped and adored
This is their happiness
And that’s what You want from them
This is what You love
So that they are whom You are pleased with
Then, to be mutually pleased with one another
Between You and them
This is the secret why they are being tested again and again
Apparently, despite these severe tests
there is a greater and noble secret
This cannot be understood by human beings
who has the love for the world




There are many who worship nature
but nature has been damaged by human beings
There are many who worship status and rank
finally they fall as well
There are many who worship money
they end up losing everything that they have
or they do not know what to do with it

Quite a number of those who are worship beautiful female
who eventually die or they get older
some will run away after cheating on us
finally they are lost somewhere that we cannot trace
there is no letter, there is no news

In fact, whatever that we go after, all will perish
nothing is permanent, nothing is truly dependable
there is nothing that prevails
Whatever that we have, all are disappointing
At most, at the end of life, they don’t achieve all that they want

O fellow human beings, try to use your mind and pay some attention
Make it a learning lesson, make it into an experience
Do we still wish to go after all those things again?
those things which were deceptive and disappointing

Let us worship God, He will not disappoint us
Let us love Him, He is eternal never-ending
Let us use everything to worship Him
Let us chase after anything as long as it is for God




The Muslim world of today,
have been influenced by the teachings
which says that there is no relationship
between the unseen world with the world they are currently in.

It means that when a person dies,
the relationship is then cut off.
That is the teaching which controls
the Muslim world.

But Abuya came up,
He said, O my people
Do recite every day, five times a day.
Do recite certain verses of the Quran until complete.

Let us get together and take a trip to the invisible world
We should not pay any attention
to the people who said our relationship
with them over there has broken up.

Let us go there.
Our Prophet is there.
His family are all there.
All his companions, all the other Prophets,
all the Messengers are all there

All the righteous people, all the saints of Allah
and our brothers
Muslimin and muslimat,
Mukminin and mukminat
who have passed on
including our fathers and mothers
who had gone.
are all included as well as
our families who had left.

Over there is our beloved Syeikh and Abuya,
they are currently in the other world.
They are all citizens over there.

Let us go.
We shall go but not empty-handed.
We should bring along our trays of gifts
Present to all of them..
For each of our tray
they will respond with tenfold trays.
We will be welcomed
and we will be rewarded with
There is a relationship between this world and the world of the unseen
Muslims have been deceived and cheated
for saying that there is no relationship between the living with the dead

According to the Quran,
the people of taqwa
are those who believe in the invisible world
Faith is not a mere believe,
But there is a sense of longing,
there is a feeling of wanting to go there.
This is said to have faith.
Allazi nayu’minunabilghaibb
this is the first few sentences that we read
when we open the Qur’an.

Those people,
people whom God love,
the people of the truth,
the people who have taqwa
They are very in love, they long, they are passionate
with the invisible world.


O Allah, we have faith in You
At times when we turn away from You, please remind us
When we are kneeling before You, please put sincerity in our hearts
So that our worship and prayers will gain Your acceptance

At times when are under trials and tribulations, please strengthen our souls
So that we are calm and composed while undergoing the tests
So that we do not sacrifice our own faith in You

During those moments when we are in comfort
Do not make us turn away from You, so that we feel grateful
Please instill in our hearts feelings of love and fear for You
So that we do not love and fear anything else but You
Please make us joyful by remembering You
You are what we need most
Please do not leave us
You are our life and death
Please guide us always
So that our life and death,
we will receive Your redha or acceptance



To be loved and cared is the basic need of all human beings.

In fact it is the basic right of one’s spiritual self and it gives satisfaction.

If man is not given his basic physical needs such as food, shelter, clothing and others,

he will suffer hardship but the hardship would not drive him crazy, make him commit suicide or kill others.

Seldom has this happened that the poor suffers mental disorder, commits suicide or resort to killing others.

But if the basic rights of one’s spiritual self is not fulfilled,

one will be spiritually impoverished and his soul would suffer.

Consequently this could lead one to suffer mental breakdown, commit suicide or kill others.

We frequently hear that children who do not get the proper attention from their parents would run away from home.

Husbands who were not entertained at home would become wild.

Wives who do not get their needed love become anguish and hostile.

The poor who hate the rich would bear malice and would even commit theft and murder.

Various kinds of societal problems would emerge if the soul is not properly managed.

If man feels he is loved, that is his need is being satisfied,

then his soul is cured until he feels strong, healthy and energetic.

He feels glad and is full of joy and happiness.

He gains an inner strength to work, study, struggle, perform tasks and others.

Indeed this would be so if the soul is strong and strengthened as the basic spiritual need is nourished.

It means that love and care from others is a supplement to the soul.

It strengthens the soul to motivate the physical to work.

A strong soul will motivate and drives the human organs to work.

On the other hand, a man with a weak soul due to the deprivation of the basic spiritual nutrition,
will be tired, listless and lonesome.

He is easily disillusioned, frustrated and disappointed.

He is like a balloon with insufficient air in it, lacks energy and power to float in the sky.

Such would be a man who possesses weak soul.

He lacks the strength that could initiate his physical parts, to be dynamic and energetic.

He is like an ailing man, too weak and feeble to face problems in life.

To look into this problem realistically, let us make a comparison between a family with all its members loving each other and a family with all its members having indifferent attitudes.

Would the situation in their life be different?

Of course the answer will be different.

The home full of love and care will be coloured with happiness, joy and beauty.

The life of each family members will be well organized and well disciplined.

Everyone performs his or her responsibility spiritedly and effectively.

We would feel comfortable in the company of such a home.

While in a home without love and care, the situation is apparently messy with crisis as well as with dispute and quarrel.

The situation looks listless, bored and disorganized.

It lacks a proper system and with each family member seems to work individually and no cooperation in building a happy family.

We would be uncomfortable in such homes.

The same situation applies in the office, factory, school, village, state, nation and the entire world.

Life would surely be different in a country where all the people shower love on each other to that of a country where its people hated each other.

Therefore, it is vital that we strive to be loved and at the same time love others.

If we are children, try to get the love of our parents.

If we were parents, make sure that our children love us.

Only then there exist in a home where parents love their children and the children love their parents.

Again, if we are the husbands, we must make the effort so that our wives love us.

If we are the wives, we must make the effort so that our husbands love us.

If we are school teachers, we should attempt to get the love of our students and in return the students must attempt to love their teachers.

Leaders must attempt to make their followers love them while followers must find ways to make their leaders love them.

In a village or a country where the society is poly-ethnic, each ethnic group must attempt to get the love of other ethnic groups so that there will be national unity and peace.

When there is an effort by both parties to fulfill the instinctive needs, in both directions, then everybody would taste happiness and contentment in life.

With that will emerge a sense of togetherness and an attitude to co-operate with one another.

Hence, a secured society and civilization would then be established. insya-allah (God willing).

A true caring society surely would be most forgiving if there are faults and mistakes among members.

Each mistake will not be exaggerated and inflated.

Neither would it be a problem.

Everybody would be tolerant and there will be a lot of give and take.

In fact, each member would be even willing to sacrifice his personal interest for the sake of others.

Within such a society, crisis and animosity would be kept to minimum.

Societal illness such as malice, suppression, backstabbing, fraud, cruelty, prejudice, quarrelsome, war and so on could be overcome or at least it would rarely occur.

All these are due to the existence of love and care.

This is a peaceful, prosperous and harmonious society that we have discussed and dreamed of. In the Quran, ALLAH says:

“‘A territory fair and happy, and a Lord Oft-Forgiving. ”

(Sura Saba’: 15)

This is the state of the world that could be called a paradise- that is a transitory paradise (called the Al-Jannatul Ajilah).

If man succeeds in building paradise in this world, there would be an opportunity for him to strive for the real Paradise after his death.

However, to strive for that Paradise is more difficult.

Nevertheless, if one could not even achieve this transitory Paradise, there is no hope for him to get that real Paradise in the world Hereafter.

So, let us think and strive to achieve this transitory paradise first.

Truly, the world today is not yet a transitory paradise but it is more of a hell.

Today’s world is filled with tales of war, murder, aggression, suppression, cruelty, ill-deeds, immorality and vice.

Goodness is minimal, love and care is almost non-existence, whilst justice, peace, security and happiness have become oblivious.

This is not called paradise.

Man’s soul suffers because it is not given its nutrition.

But if only the physical poverty is being the concern while impoverishment of the soul is not solved, life will be lopsided.

The physical and spiritual no longer coincide or parallel each other.

On the surface they are interacting and they live together in one society,

but their hearts are empty, disunited and prejudiced, harbor spite, full of malice, hatred, stinginess and others.

In the Holy Quran, it is stated:

“Thou wouldst think they were united, but their hearts are divided. ”

(Sura Al-Hashr: 14)

People work but in a condition of force;

they interact and smile involuntarily, work involuntarily, obey instruction involuntarily.

Eventually there emerges a society where life is full of hypocrisy as a result of a diseased heart which has infected the social life.

When people work under pressure, the fruits of labour would be futile.

Development and success is just empty rhetoric.

Everybody thinks about their own self interests which are limitless until the people and society are neglected without due attention and care.

This is what is happening now.

Realizing this fact, let us struggle and sacrifice to redevelop a life of love and care.

Let us ponder why people do not love us and why we also do not love others.
Why others are angry at us and we are angry at others?

How and what must be done so that others can love us and we also can love others?

What is the secret so that we can attempt to love others and be loved?

What are the motivation and hopes to strive in building this society of love and care?



What is Polygamy?

Polygamy is a way of life in a family as commanded by God. For Allah and Rasul, life as a family is polygamy. While monogamy is the last choice. To have one wife is meant only for the people who are too weak to be fair leaders. Polygamy is actually needed by both men and women.

Woman who loves God absolutely requires polygamy. This is because between the responsibility towards God and responsibility towards her husband, polygamy is the way for her to fulfill it. That is submission towards God, love with God and sacrifice for God will be most practical when our lifestyle is polygamy. Polygamy provides many great deal and wide opportunities for one to demonstrate that one’s life is only for the sake of God. Whoever prays in the real sense of the word will surely never miss this opportunity. This is because a prayer states that life is only for God.

Polygamy trains women to say:

God, the match whom You bestow upon me, this husband of mine, I am blessed to have him so that I can be more thankful to You. So, I will prove it to You, that a husband is a leader and a wife is an obedient follower. This leader who can lead more than one wife, I will share all the pleasures I receive from my husband and this household with another woman who also needs it. For the sake of obeying Your commands O Lord, so that my love for You is verified and also for the sake of getting Your acceptance O Lord. And so that the Prophet’s Sunnah is my Sunnah too. That is polygamy is helping woman to free herself from the nafs ammarah. That is polygamy is the most effective cure to obtain God’s love. The hardships in polygamy is indeed needed to cleanse the heart from the evil and filthy nafs. Whoever wishes to die as someone who brings along a protected heart, will certainly choose polygamy as a way of life. With regards to this protected heart, Allah has revealed in Al Quran, meaning:

” On that day ( Day of Reckoning ) wealth and children will not be of any use unless you bring along a protected heart.” ( As Syu’ara: 88-89 )

What do men need polygamy? Yes, it is for the men to say, ” For the sake of God, I will demonstrate that a man is capable of marrying 4 women, to lead them to God, to totally fulfill the love and care and their welfare, to provide many children and to make them feeling satisfied and contented with all these. With the condition that You care to be with me throughout my entire life, O Allah. O Lord, You are Most Just, please make me into a leader who is fair and just.”

God, whenever there exist a man and women who possess the hearts mentioned earlier, then they will be united in a marriage so that a harmonious and beautiful polygamy will take place as what You meant. Al Quran and Hadith will then be practiced as a way of life. Then, appear a live and moving Al Quran and Hadith, implementing an Islamic way of life. The Pillars of Faith and the Pillars of Islam become alive within the pillars of life of human. And it is the beginning of Islamic resurgence on God’s earth. Amin, O Allah.