O Allah, O my Lord
Please make the tears that I shed while I’m in fear of You
Be the extinguisher for the flames of Your Hellfire
The tears that trickle on the ground
Be the one to relinquish me of all my sins
O Lord! if not for Your blessings
I will not be safe
At least, if not for Your forgiveness
I will not be free from the punishments
I’m helpless, please assist me
My nafs ( desires ) are wild
Please help me constantly to fight against my nafs
Satan is deceiving me as always
Please protect me against it
There are too many paths of evil
Some are obvious while some are inconspicuous
If not for Your guidance I will be lost along the way
Please guide me always
So that I will be free from harm during my journey to You




O Allah, You are the God who created me, Your servant

Your servant who is poor and vulnerable

The one who has desires or lust which is always tempting, the devil that is always deceiving

How could I clean myself from sins

How could I get away from being guilty

O Allah, I seek with Your grace

I ask with Your love

Please give me the strength to protect myself

From the temptations of lust and deception of Satan

If I commit any sin and offense

Please remind me to repent

That repentance of mine, please accept it O Allah

That is, every time I commit any sin

Please remind me again to repent

As time goes on, please continue to accept my repentance O God

Because those who repent are considered as innocent

Hopefully when I return to you

I am free of sins

Your wrath no longer exist

Please save me from Hell

I am weak, that I expect from you, O God

Please accept my petition Ya Rahim , Ya Rahman




10:00 pm





HAVING FREEDOM – What does it mean?

Having freedom does not mean that one is allowed to do just anything
Without considering whether it is halal or haram
Having freedom does not mean one can develop and build just anything
Without considering the rules of God
Having freedom does not mean one is allowed to do anything to satisfy one’s desire
Without considering God’s syariah
Having freedom does not mean one has unlimited freedom
Our nation’s freedom or independence¬† is being free from the colonials
But we are not entirely free in matters related with our God
Without the colonials we are free to choose our own identities
We are free to refer to God
We are free to choose and follow the life of the Prophet’s Sunnah
If we are free to do just anything
Then we as human beings would have lost our human identity
The nafs or evil desires will have a wild time
Satan will be their friend
What will happen to this world
if mankind behave like satan and animals?

August 1999