Muslim leaders of the world today are generally weak
They have high ambitions
But are unable to fulfill them
They wish to unite their own races
Some even want to unite the whole Muslim world (OIC)
And yet they`re incapable of uniting their own family
What more their own ethnic group
Or their own race
Especially not the whole Muslim world
It`s merely a dream
But to cover up their weaknesses
Most of the time they`re only using slogans
On the surface they are busy going here and there
To let people think that they`re heroes of the nation and religion
That is the reason why the Muslim world cannot be united by them
Because they can`t even unite their own families
So to the Muslim leaders of the world
Uniting the Muslims is just a dream
Because Muslim leaders have no more integrity
It`s not just the Muslims who do not respect them
But those in the same party also do not respect them
Even their own ethnic group does not care
The relationships between the followers and the leaders are laden with self-interest
They follow their leaders with pretense
Before them, they nod
Behind them, they back stab
Before them, they appear to agree
Behind them, there`s slander
Before them, they seem to be loyal followers
Behind them, they insult their leaders
The leaders do realize this
When the followers are pretending
The leaders themselves are in pretense
Before the followers, they appear to be the saviors
But behind their backs, they are robbing the nation
Or are nation`s traitors
Or are those who sell-out the race
For their own selfish needs
Such is the fate of the Muslims today
The followers are in pretense
And so are their leaders
The result, both are humiliated by their enemies
After death, they will all face questions from God
Will it be Heaven or Hell?