O Allah, please do not abandon me
Even though I have often been disobedient towards You
I can’t live without You
If You leave me, I will lose everything
If I am with You, I will have everything
I am reluctant to lose You
Let me lose everything else but not to the extent of losing You
If I don’t lose You, I do still have a chance of recovering everything that I have lost
Please help me O Allah, Your humble and weak servant who has often been disobedient towards You
Please save me O Allah
Under Your salvation
Please protect me
Under Your care
Who else is there to take care of me
If not You, who is responsible for everything
I do often worry, that You will abandon me
I am very hopeful O Allah
Please do not leave me
My whole life will crumble
That is my faith in You O Allah
Please do not abandon me

Abu Wadud
After Asar




Love God is the true love
Human beings fall in love easily with something that strikes their eyes
Human beings also easily love something that comes to their mind
While loving something that is seen by the eye
Or something that is simple to think of
It is a miserly love
Loving something that can be detected by the heart or soul , it is hard to detect
Because the mind and the eyes are always concealing the heart
Usually, the mind and eyes destroy the soul
Because of that, the heart and soul do not recognize their Lord
For that reason, God is not missed and loved



But God is the pure and true love. Love God is eternal love
Love God, the love that brings everlasting happiness
Loving God is a superior and prestige love
Rafiqul A’la , Uppermost and Faithful Companion
Loving Rafiqul A’la, there is no disappointment
Loving God, we will never be betrayed
The love that will be our defender
The love that will be our protector where ever we are
The love that will save us in both worlds
The greatest love that is unbeatable and unmatched
The love that if people know what it is
They will not only sacrifice their wealth and energy but even their own lives.

before bedtime


Which one belongs to us? There is nothing that we own
Whatever there is, all of them belong to Allah
There is nothing that we own, we merely make an effort and work for them
Whatever that we get, Allah has prepared them for us

We belong to Allah, the earth and the sky are all His creations
We can have anything, but nothing escapes from being His creations
Which one belongs to us? There is nothing that we own
We merely make efforts with whatever it is

Why are we being arrogant for owning what belongs to Allah?
Why aren’t we embarrass towards Allah who is the Owner?
By right, we should be thankful to God who give everything to us
Do feel embarrass towards Him for having something which He own

Do not feel proud with what we have
If God do not grant it, we do not have anything at all

We should not rake up our own past good deeds
Our deeds are just an entity, in reality they belong to God

Be thankful and not boastful
Be thankful and not rake up past deeds
Do make use of all the pleasures granted by God to serve others
Then simply forget about them so that we do not rake them up in future.



Please forgive O Allah Most Supreme

Please forgive O Allah Most Supreme

Please forgive O Allah Most Supreme

Allah, You are the only God, there is none other except You

You are Most Most Alive

You are Most Independent

Your servant repent O Allah

Your servant repent O Allah

Your servant repent O Allah

Repentance from a cruel servant

Who feels powerful even when he is powerless

Powerless to cause any harm

Powerless to give any benefits

Powerless to take any life

Powerless to give any life

Powerless to resurrect a life




O Alllah, why am I like this
I am different from everyone else
Every time Your Ramadhan approaches
They welcome it joyfully
They look happy indeed

However, I am different
The arrival of Ramadhan is full of sadness
It is not that I loathe Your month
which is full of blessings and barokah

But I loathe my own self
I feel anxious in Your Ramadhan
That I do not fill it as well as I should
I feel that my fasting is imperfect
Please forgive me, O Allah

I feel that my prayers are not valid
My taraweeh, my Quranic recitation
Are nothing to shout about
O Allah, these are the things that occupy  my heart
Every time Ramadhan appears

Is that wrongful?
Please pardon me O Allah
Please forgive me O Allah
If that is wrongful
Please guide me
please correct my attitude

O Allah, that is what has been troubling my heart
Every time Ramadhan appears
I seek Your Forgiveness O Allah.





Let’s always be tearful

We do not know our fate and destiny

Even though we are under guidance

It is not necessarily that we have been accepted

We should always feel sad

Thinking of our fate and destiny

We are uncertain of the moment of our death

Whether we are in faith

or otherwise

We should always feel sad

Even though we perform our religious duties

It is not necessarily that they are accepted

Even though we are under guidance

Will it last till the end

We do not have the time to laugh

Even though we are in repentance

It is not necessarily that it is accepted

Let’s always be tearful

We do not know our own finale

Let’s ask from God

So that His guidance lasts till the end

Let’s always be tearful

We do not know our fate and destiny

Even though we are under guidance

It is not necessarily that we have been accepted


You Shall Definitely Return To The Country Where You Came From


Whether you wish to return or not

You shall be forced to return

Because your original country is Hereafter

In this world, you are liken to a merchant

Seeking for provisions and wealth

Allah provides you opportunities, to look for provisions as plenty as you can

So that you shall be comfortable in the Hereafter

However, you should remember

Not to seek for forbidden items

Forbidden items are not allowed to be taken home

Anyone who does this will certainly be punished

Will you be able to withstand the punishment?

The punishment is fire in hell

Together with severe beatings, whipping and torture

By the Angel named Rabbaniah

Who is extremely fierce and vicious

Some will remain there permanently , – Wal-‘iyazubillah

And some will be punished for thousands of years

Ouch! how dreadful, Ouch! how distressful

Will we be able to withstand all these?

Everyone should be able to give their own answers!


After ‘Asar





This longing feeling,
how do we express it to you O Rasulullah
it has been years since you left us
we are your followers in this final era

In any struggle, it has been a tradition
separation is simply unavoidable
We weep deeply for your departure
Your spiritual presence is much awaited for

Your steadfastness O Rasulullah in facing hurdles
it helps to build up our courage, and intensify our longing
dawn will surely shine, Islam will return with glory
with Divine’s promise it will be a reality

O Rasul, O Habibulllah
We long for you O Rasulullah
O Rasul O Nabiullah
Please help us, your followers in this final era

Longing is bitter
and yet it is filled with sweetness
please connect your spirit with our soul
and help us to get through this longing



Allah is the source of happiness
Not everyone can feel this
It can only be felt by a soul that has taqwa
A mere du’a is delightful enough
Even though it is uncertain if it is going to be granted
Having a conversation and whispering with Allah
Its delight is already sensed
Petitioning with Him
feels so beautiful

Allah Taala is felt to be so near
But without any medium and method
He is felt to be present everywhere
But He is not there
We feel strongly that He is with us

All are without any means
God is felt that He is Most needed
Masya-Allah how beautiful it is to have God
His blessings and His bestowals are truly felt
Whether it is apparent or non-apparent

Every moment He sends down His blessings
Allah! Allah! Allah!
How magnificent it is to live with God
God is our life and death

God is everything there is
Do not forget about God!