Carelessness becomes customary to humans
Negligence becomes a character in humans
Forgetfulness becomes the natural habits of humans
Recklessness becomes their culture
Unsurprisingly, it is a common occurrence
No matter how smart and clever a man can be
He forgets to think first before taking any actions
Especially at the moment when he is angry
He acted recklessly
He did not take any time to think, he simply burst
After he has overreacted, then comes regret
So, being smart does not guarantee that humans will think prior to his actions
Being clever does not necessarily make a person thinks before doing anything
Hence, Islam makes it obligatory to educate nafs or desires
So one is calm and relaxed, so that his actions are not reckless
So that he is not impulsive
He has a reasonable time to think before doing something
But human beings are very passionate about educating their minds
To educate their nafs or desires is not in the education curriculum
Nafs or desires are not taken into account
As if nafs or desires do not exist in humans


After Fajr