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Come to Me
O My servants!
Return to Me as soon as possible
I will still accept you, do trust Me
You are My servant, My creation
Being weak and careless is your nature
I want you to admit your weakness
Every time you are guilty, please come to Me
Confess your guilt, and cry before Me
As a sign of never ending remorse
Be aware,  O My servant
The grieving from the people who have sinned
Is what I love, more than My love from the prayers of the Auliya’s
Do not put off any more
No one is not guilty
You are a servant
I love people who admit that they are guilty
I  love those who are in repentance
O My servants !
Seek forgiveness from Me
I will still accept you
Am  I not your God ?
My love to you
Is beyond  the love of a mother to her child
This is Allah’s desire
To His  servants
As explained from Al Quran and As Sunnah


HAVING FREEDOM – What does it mean?

Having freedom does not mean that one is allowed to do just anything
Without considering whether it is halal or haram
Having freedom does not mean one can develop and build just anything
Without considering the rules of God
Having freedom does not mean one is allowed to do anything to satisfy one’s desire
Without considering God’s syariah
Having freedom does not mean one has unlimited freedom
Our nation’s freedom or independence  is being free from the colonials
But we are not entirely free in matters related with our God
Without the colonials we are free to choose our own identities
We are free to refer to God
We are free to choose and follow the life of the Prophet’s Sunnah
If we are free to do just anything
Then we as human beings would have lost our human identity
The nafs or evil desires will have a wild time
Satan will be their friend
What will happen to this world
if mankind behave like satan and animals?

August 1999


Life is beautiful

When the leaders are fair and proper and loving their own people

Parents educate their children with full of love and care

Members of the community help one another and they work together

Allah is adored, worshiped and obeyed

The Sunnah or traditions of the Prophet are followed like flowers blooming in the morning

To love and care for fellow beings becomes a culture

To forgive and asking for forgiveness becomes a tradition

The scholars are like the stars shining at night

Becoming a guide for the travelers on a journey

They are guided safely towards their destination

So that they can avoid any disruption and being lost

There are no castes in the society

Everyone has a place matching their abilities

Nothing is neglected and marginalized

Human rights are guaranteed and protected

Traveling anywhere safely without any worry

There is no interruption in the journey

Wherever you make a stop, you are greeted with Ahlan Wasahlan

You become a guest who are honored and well managed



What is Polygamy?

Polygamy is a way of life in a family as commanded by God. For Allah and Rasul, life as a family is polygamy. While monogamy is the last choice. To have one wife is meant only for the people who are too weak to be fair leaders. Polygamy is actually needed by both men and women.

Woman who loves God absolutely requires polygamy. This is because between the responsibility towards God and responsibility towards her husband, polygamy is the way for her to fulfill it. That is submission towards God, love with God and sacrifice for God will be most practical when our lifestyle is polygamy. Polygamy provides many great deal and wide opportunities for one to demonstrate that one’s life is only for the sake of God. Whoever prays in the real sense of the word will surely never miss this opportunity. This is because a prayer states that life is only for God.

Polygamy trains women to say:

God, the match whom You bestow upon me, this husband of mine, I am blessed to have him so that I can be more thankful to You. So, I will prove it to You, that a husband is a leader and a wife is an obedient follower. This leader who can lead more than one wife, I will share all the pleasures I receive from my husband and this household with another woman who also needs it. For the sake of obeying Your commands O Lord, so that my love for You is verified and also for the sake of getting Your acceptance O Lord. And so that the Prophet’s Sunnah is my Sunnah too. That is polygamy is helping woman to free herself from the nafs ammarah. That is polygamy is the most effective cure to obtain God’s love. The hardships in polygamy is indeed needed to cleanse the heart from the evil and filthy nafs. Whoever wishes to die as someone who brings along a protected heart, will certainly choose polygamy as a way of life. With regards to this protected heart, Allah has revealed in Al Quran, meaning:

” On that day ( Day of Reckoning ) wealth and children will not be of any use unless you bring along a protected heart.” ( As Syu’ara: 88-89 )

What do men need polygamy? Yes, it is for the men to say, ” For the sake of God, I will demonstrate that a man is capable of marrying 4 women, to lead them to God, to totally fulfill the love and care and their welfare, to provide many children and to make them feeling satisfied and contented with all these. With the condition that You care to be with me throughout my entire life, O Allah. O Lord, You are Most Just, please make me into a leader who is fair and just.”

God, whenever there exist a man and women who possess the hearts mentioned earlier, then they will be united in a marriage so that a harmonious and beautiful polygamy will take place as what You meant. Al Quran and Hadith will then be practiced as a way of life. Then, appear a live and moving Al Quran and Hadith, implementing an Islamic way of life. The Pillars of Faith and the Pillars of Islam become alive within the pillars of life of human. And it is the beginning of Islamic resurgence on God’s earth. Amin, O Allah.




I do not have any regrets that I do not become a rich and wealthy person
That is only a convenience in life, there is no assurance that I am protected from Hell
I do not feel sad for not achieving vast knowledge
That also will not reassure me a place in Paradise

I am not envious towards those who are popular
Whether they are leaders or popular film stars
All those will not ensure me happiness even in this world
Right here in this world we can see how they are simply forgotten when they are old

It is the same with ravishing luxuries in life
If I do get them, I will not refuse
If it turns out the other way, I will not be disappointed
All those will not guarantee me a good life in Hereafter

What I am fearful of is if I am unable to become a loyal and faithful servant of Allah
Not being able to emulate the life of the Prophet
Seeking the worldly things to the extent of being defiant
Forgetting the Hereafter, the eternal life

O God, please make me into a servant who is loyal and faithful
Please make the Prophet’s Sunnah my attire in this world
You are my Supreme love, please do not forget
Your acceptance and pleasure is what I am asking for when I am placed at Hereafter