When the Prophet sat down with the Companions, immediately the Apostle prayed,
“Make me poor, let me die in poverty and let the people who are together with me in Paradise later on, be among those who are poor.”
That was the heart of the Prophet,
poverty is a bliss and joy for him.
Something which he very much desired.
Much less with our lives today,
poverty and hardship is something very scary and horrible.
All sorts of things cross in our thoughts about our life tomorrow
and forty years to come until we also think about the lives of our future descendants.
The enormity of the enemies’ influence which has been nesting in our thinking.
It has been damaged, totally damaged, humiliated with the worst humiliation.
Our reliance is no longer with Allah SWT,
instead with physical things which are extremely weak and powerless.
Whether we realize it or not, we have denied that God is Most Wealthy,
Most Gracious, Most Merciful and Almighty.
In our prayer we declare that, “Only to You that I seek for help.”
But in the reality of our lives, we actually had lied.
We have been corrupted and influenced by the world, the evil nafs and the enemies.
We continued to be tied down to the shallow and narrow thinking minds.
The fact is the highest level we can organize our lives is only for about 70 years. While spiritual people or people with taqwa, their preparations are very far ahead and a lot better.
They prepare for a life which is eternal in the hereafter.
MasyaAllah, apparently we had been cheated for a long time.
We utilize all of our time, energy, even our lifetime
to pursue riches and pleasures of life in this temporal world
because we do not like poverty and hardship.
Thus, we are not willing to fight and sacrifice for life in hereafter which is eternal.
Are we able to free ourselves from all those?
Like the lives of Rasululullah SAW, the companions and the righteous who are very delighted with the poverty and hardships.
They are not at all afraid to lose their wealth but are very fearful of losing God.

Losing God means losing everything, even when we are rich and powerful.



Hereafter is the second nation for us to live in after this world

Over there is our eternal abode

Our comfort or hardship over there is set by how we live in this world

Be wary of living in this world so that we will not suffer and be in misery over there

There are only two places over there, Heaven and Hell

The righteous and taqwa people go to Heaven , the wicked and cruel go to Hell

Do look for our provisions with taqwa for our comfort and pleasure over there

Without taqwa, Hell will be the consequence, a horrible and agonizing place to stay

Be wary of living in this world which is temporary

Be devoted to Allah Taala and His creations

Do not be human beings who are so neglectful and like a pest

Later in the Hereafter we may not be able to bear the torment and misery

Love Allah and do fear Him , and do love His creatures

Do become someone who is devout and faithful to God

It is all right to deal with a little inconvenience which is temporary

For us to escape the troubles in Hereafter which is eternal

Let us redeem our short hardships in the Hereafter

With a little trouble , that does not last long

Let us regret earlier, a later regret is no longer useful

Let us perseveringly look for our provisions for the Hereafter

Before Asar


The Muslim world of today,
have been influenced by the teachings
which says that there is no relationship
between the unseen world with the world they are currently in.

It means that when a person dies,
the relationship is then cut off.
That is the teaching which controls
the Muslim world.

But Abuya came up,
He said, O my people
Do recite every day, five times a day.
Do recite certain verses of the Quran until complete.

Let us get together and take a trip to the invisible world
We should not pay any attention
to the people who said our relationship
with them over there has broken up.

Let us go there.
Our Prophet is there.
His family are all there.
All his companions, all the other Prophets,
all the Messengers are all there

All the righteous people, all the saints of Allah
and our brothers
Muslimin and muslimat,
Mukminin and mukminat
who have passed on
including our fathers and mothers
who had gone.
are all included as well as
our families who had left.

Over there is our beloved Syeikh and Abuya,
they are currently in the other world.
They are all citizens over there.

Let us go.
We shall go but not empty-handed.
We should bring along our trays of gifts
Present to all of them..
For each of our tray
they will respond with tenfold trays.
We will be welcomed
and we will be rewarded with
There is a relationship between this world and the world of the unseen
Muslims have been deceived and cheated
for saying that there is no relationship between the living with the dead

According to the Quran,
the people of taqwa
are those who believe in the invisible world
Faith is not a mere believe,
But there is a sense of longing,
there is a feeling of wanting to go there.
This is said to have faith.
Allazi nayu’minunabilghaibb
this is the first few sentences that we read
when we open the Qur’an.

Those people,
people whom God love,
the people of the truth,
the people who have taqwa
They are very in love, they long, they are passionate
with the invisible world.


By right, as servants of Allah, we should not worry about our livelihood
For as long as we are alive, there is a guarantee from Allah
Even a father is responsible towards all his children
What more with God who is Ar Rahman ( Gracious / Beneficent ) towards His servants, there must be a guarantee
Therefore, having faith in Allah is a must
and surrendering to Him for our heart to be at peace
What is important is for the servants to make an attempt to search for guidance, taqwa and iman
These are the things we need to be concerned with
These are what we should be really struggling for to achieve, there is no time to relax
Guidance, iman and taqwa, we seriously need to seek for them
We need to seek the knowledge, seriously putting them into practice, istiqamah ( religiously ) and we need a leader
Then, for our livelihood, Allah gives His guarantee
Didn’t Allah mention before in the Al Quran meaning;
” And whoever fears Allah-his livelihood is guaranteed, he does not know where the source is coming from.”
Their sins are pardoned,  their deeds are accepted
God protects them from the slyness of the devil
The enemies are unable to swindle them
They are guaranteed with victory
Hence, there should not be any worry about livelihood
What is required, is to make ourselves closer to God
When we have become God’s people, everything is guaranteed

Abu Nizam
After Asar