Faith and modesty
Two things that cannot be separated
It is a one in two and two in one situation
If one is corrupted, the other will be corrupted too.
In other words
Each one is in need of the other
If there is no modesty
Faith will be lost
If there is no faith
Modesty will be lost
This means that:
If one is modest
It shows that one has faith
If one is faithful, one is also modest
So, faith and modesty cannot be separated from each other
If one has no modesty in oneself
That shows that one has lost one’s faith
And if one is not strong in faith
Then one is immodest
Today, many Muslims have lost their sense of modesty
As a sign of lack of faith
Modesty comes in many forms
It happens to many people
According to their hierarchy, status and gender
Man or woman
Commonly it happens in society
Wives bad-mouthing their husbands
for having an affair
And husbands tell-tale their spouses’ bad attitude
for being mean and obnoxious at home
There are people, when they converse with others
They like to self-praise and uplift themselves
While this is a shameful act
Those who hear them will not be at ease
Some who are involved in illicit and repulsive acts
They boast about it to the others
Such as adultery, which has become a common conversation
Falling for a woman who is still married to another
Sometimes, a wife likes to talk to others about her sex life with her husband
And not only that, she will  ask  her friends about their sex lives
Some people, they brag about the bad deeds of their parents
As if they are an amusement
Some like to talk badly of their friends behind their backs
Though their friendship remains
Some like to expose their aurat to others
Though it is a shameful thing to do
While some mingle freely, male and female without limitations
Though God forbids it
Some, men and women, like to hold hands in public
Though it is a shameful act
Some people, without shame
They kiss each other in public
Acting like animals
If one has faith, then one would be ashamed to do such things
Even for a husband and wife, they would not hold hands in public
Because it is inappropriate
One who has faith and modesty would not do it
When we observe the Muslim world today
Many have lost their sense of modesty
Showing that many have lost their faith
Islam without faith
The reason why Muslims have lost their strength
In other words
Faith is the source of strength.



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