When the Prophet sat down with the Companions, immediately the Apostle prayed,
“Make me poor, let me die in poverty and let the people who are together with me in Paradise later on, be among those who are poor.”
That was the heart of the Prophet,
poverty is a bliss and joy for him.
Something which he very much desired.
Much less with our lives today,
poverty and hardship is something very scary and horrible.
All sorts of things cross in our thoughts about our life tomorrow
and forty years to come until we also think about the lives of our future descendants.
The enormity of the enemies’ influence which has been nesting in our thinking.
It has been damaged, totally damaged, humiliated with the worst humiliation.
Our reliance is no longer with Allah SWT,
instead with physical things which are extremely weak and powerless.
Whether we realize it or not, we have denied that God is Most Wealthy,
Most Gracious, Most Merciful and Almighty.
In our prayer we declare that, “Only to You that I seek for help.”
But in the reality of our lives, we actually had lied.
We have been corrupted and influenced by the world, the evil nafs and the enemies.
We continued to be tied down to the shallow and narrow thinking minds.
The fact is the highest level we can organize our lives is only for about 70 years. While spiritual people or people with taqwa, their preparations are very far ahead and a lot better.
They prepare for a life which is eternal in the hereafter.
MasyaAllah, apparently we had been cheated for a long time.
We utilize all of our time, energy, even our lifetime
to pursue riches and pleasures of life in this temporal world
because we do not like poverty and hardship.
Thus, we are not willing to fight and sacrifice for life in hereafter which is eternal.
Are we able to free ourselves from all those?
Like the lives of Rasululullah SAW, the companions and the righteous who are very delighted with the poverty and hardships.
They are not at all afraid to lose their wealth but are very fearful of losing God.

Losing God means losing everything, even when we are rich and powerful.



What is Polygamy?

Polygamy is a way of life in a family as commanded by God. For Allah and Rasul, life as a family is polygamy. While monogamy is the last choice. To have one wife is meant only for the people who are too weak to be fair leaders. Polygamy is actually needed by both men and women.

Woman who loves God absolutely requires polygamy. This is because between the responsibility towards God and responsibility towards her husband, polygamy is the way for her to fulfill it. That is submission towards God, love with God and sacrifice for God will be most practical when our lifestyle is polygamy. Polygamy provides many great deal and wide opportunities for one to demonstrate that one’s life is only for the sake of God. Whoever prays in the real sense of the word will surely never miss this opportunity. This is because a prayer states that life is only for God.

Polygamy trains women to say:

God, the match whom You bestow upon me, this husband of mine, I am blessed to have him so that I can be more thankful to You. So, I will prove it to You, that a husband is a leader and a wife is an obedient follower. This leader who can lead more than one wife, I will share all the pleasures I receive from my husband and this household with another woman who also needs it. For the sake of obeying Your commands O Lord, so that my love for You is verified and also for the sake of getting Your acceptance O Lord. And so that the Prophet’s Sunnah is my Sunnah too. That is polygamy is helping woman to free herself from the nafs ammarah. That is polygamy is the most effective cure to obtain God’s love. The hardships in polygamy is indeed needed to cleanse the heart from the evil and filthy nafs. Whoever wishes to die as someone who brings along a protected heart, will certainly choose polygamy as a way of life. With regards to this protected heart, Allah has revealed in Al Quran, meaning:

” On that day ( Day of Reckoning ) wealth and children will not be of any use unless you bring along a protected heart.” ( As Syu’ara: 88-89 )

What do men need polygamy? Yes, it is for the men to say, ” For the sake of God, I will demonstrate that a man is capable of marrying 4 women, to lead them to God, to totally fulfill the love and care and their welfare, to provide many children and to make them feeling satisfied and contented with all these. With the condition that You care to be with me throughout my entire life, O Allah. O Lord, You are Most Just, please make me into a leader who is fair and just.”

God, whenever there exist a man and women who possess the hearts mentioned earlier, then they will be united in a marriage so that a harmonious and beautiful polygamy will take place as what You meant. Al Quran and Hadith will then be practiced as a way of life. Then, appear a live and moving Al Quran and Hadith, implementing an Islamic way of life. The Pillars of Faith and the Pillars of Islam become alive within the pillars of life of human. And it is the beginning of Islamic resurgence on God’s earth. Amin, O Allah.




Why is the world today in this state and condition?

Why are the differences and divisions of human beings into various ethnic groups, languages, nations, religions, culture, skin colour and social status, separate rather than unite the people?

They are all homo sapiens, descendants of Adam and Eve.

Why do not these people live together in harmony, know each other well, be communicative and cooperative,
have a sense of belonging towards each other, be united and live like brothers and sisters?

After all, their feelings and needs are similar.

Why is there a huge obstacle that hinders communication between the continents,
so much so that it is totally cut-off?

Why is not there a sense of being in one big family among the people in a country?

Such a life is led by people who have lost the guidance to build a united society,
to work together and to help each other.

Whereas such guidance is required to develop an ideal life of togetherness
and to cater for their common interest so that continents, countries and individuals are able to co-exist.

Then only human society will be seen to be different from that of animals and plants.

Humans are then able to live in harmony and happiness as well as to experience universal peace and security. secure or peaceful as one family.

Neither can they see the beauty of staying together.

How do we save this situation?

If it is not saved, the world will be ruined. Man will lose his humanity and live in hell, one that he himself creates.

The key that could solve this problem and reduce its complexity is love and care.

Man, regardless of his race, language, religion and skin colour, wherever he may be and whatever status he possesses in society, is born with the instinct to love and to be loved.

If he feels that he is loved by others even though the person is from a different race or religion, he will be touched by it.

It makes him happy and he finds it easy to get along with that person.

A cruel leader if showered with love by his followers or people will become more humane and gentle.

If children express their love to a violent father, he will eventually turn soft and gentle.

This is the secret.

He is born with the need to be loved.

This is what we call natural instinct.

Love would bring continents and countries closer to each other.

It would tie men to become brothers even though they come from different races and have different languages, culture, religion, skin colour, social status and so on.

The need to be loved and the existence of such feelings in every man’s heart is endowed by ALLAH since the day he was born.

ALLAH who creates man on earth has provided these feelings of love and care in every man.

Man need not learn, request or work for it.

It is there in him right from the moment he was born.

This is known as instinctive feeling which is a natural characteristic.

Everybody, men and women have it either they are a leader or follower, parent or child, husband or wife, teacher or student regardless of their race and religion.

With this instinctive feeling, man is actually one and equal.

This need to be loved is a universal feeling.

It puts mankind in one single row and there is no difference between them.

If this feeling exists amongst them, they will unite and be considerate towards each other.

Thus, this is how it should be because that is what every soul needs.

It is the basic spiritual rights of all mankind that must be fulfilled.

There is no man who does not need it.

In fact, without it, man will lose his happiness.

Children will not be happy if they do not get love from their parents.

Similarly, parents too will suffer if their children do not love them.

Students will not be happy if they do not get love from their teachers.

Likewise, teachers too would suffer if their students do not love them.

Wives like to be loved by their husbands.

While husbands would suffer if their wives do not love them.

Leaders too, would want to be loved.

So do followers, friends and vice versa.

In short, everybody needs love from someone.

It makes them happy if they are loved.

Otherwise, he will feel disappointed and empty.

However, man today seems to be the victims of unfortunate circumstances, because they don’t get what they need most.

Husbands do not get the love they want from their wives.

Wives too do not get love from their husbands because both husbands and wives do not know how to shower love, although love is what they need.

This is what mankind suffers throughout the world.

As a result, they become tensed, restless, emotional, frustrated and some would even commit suicide.

Even though he is rich, highly knowledgeable or highly ranked, he expects to be loved.

Yet he himself does not know how to love others.

Thus, because of that, he is not loved by others.

When you hurt somebody, others will feel hurt, too.

They will lose their sympathy and respect for you.

Eventually, feelings of hatred and annoyance will grow and worsen.

Love will then totally perish.

Such is the condition of the world today.

Men would live together in a society but they are always in conflict with each other. Instead of love, hatred becomes the order of the society.

Life would be empty and the people would suffer.

How would we solve this problem?

Where would we find a way out?


A Letter To The Vatican From The Last Prophet

I have called upon our last Prophet, Muhammad PBUH through my heart and so the result is this letter.

From the last prophet Muhammad PBUH to the Vatican as a special gift to my ummah who believe in Allah and His Prophet, that is Islam.

O Jews and Christians,

Our God, Allah SWT, Owner of the sun that we need, has once before asked you to create another sun, or if you are not capable, it is enough if you can change its moving direction from west to east. It is Him, God, that makes the sun rises from the east to the west. But it seems that you have never been able to do so. So, is it truly wise for you to oppose Allah and His Messenger.
The Jewish people who lived during my time were very surprised and were angry with Allah because He chose me, an Arab orphan who could not read and write, to be the last Prophet. It was totally unexpected that they were willing to conspire with satan to oppose Allah and me. What’s more when they discovered that, with Islam, Allah makes the earth and its contents submit to God, while the Jewish only became as fugitive. It is due to this resentment that your grandfather and grandmother have sworn for the descendents of Jewish and Christian to become enemies of Allah, Rasul ( The Prophet of  Islam) , and all His people. All of them are doomed for we shall send all of them to hell.
That was their vow. These feelings of resentment was instilled into their children. Then to their grandchildren, and also to their great grandchildren until they feel the spirit of revenge truly exists in their souls, mind, blood cells and flesh of the whole of their descendants until this very day.
O God, your enemies behold such terrible feelings of resentment and revenge towards You O God. When in fact, You are God who gives them oxygen, health, and money. They took it all until destruction fills the earth and Your religion, Islam is destroyed. O Allah, the Almighty Who is Most Receptive to all the humiliation done by Your creation.

O Jews,

Revenge is usually brought forward until the generations of the children only. Meaning that the children also hate the enemy of their parents. But the grandchildren would already mellow down. Or the worst that we have heard is a curse being made upon enemies which is to last until the seventh generation. But the Jewish resentment towards Islam, Allah and Rasul, lasts until 100 generations. When in fact, the Israeli people had struggled for the sake of Allah alongside with their Prophets for thousands of years before. This means the evilness of Jewish have gone totally extreme. Allah will punish them with total justice. The day will come when not even one of their ethnic will be alive on this earth. Maybe with this letter, some of them are willing to repent.

Meanwhile for the Christians, Allah Who is Most Just will make all of them embrace Islam together with Imam Mahdi when Allah sent Saidina Isa Ibnu Maryam ( Jesus)  back to Earth again. Isa AS was very much hated by the Jewish. They wanted to kill him and they managed to do so on a cross but it turned out the man they killed was not Isa. The real Isa has been made invisible and sent to heaven so that he will return to defend the Christians who had been cheated by the Jewish all this while. The time is very soon.

O Jews,

When this earth has been purified from a race that is so full of resentment and revenge, Allah will make this earth a world desired by all, a safe Islamic land full of beauty, calmness, serenity and happiness. Then will the earth be called My Heavenly Earth.  Allah is the creator of all of these in the name of  His Messanger Nur Muhammad, his family, companions and friends.
Dajjal as the last priest Pope that you are proud of, will be gone then. He would be killed by the son of Maryam Saidina Isa AS as a retribution to you who once wanted to kill him. Isn’t God of Muhammad Most Just and Most Kind for what doing all these? He has been patient for 1000 years seeing you insult Him and destroy His name.
At that time it seemed like you have another God other than Him when in fact you are very certain that He is the Only God. The church god can only ring the bell notify the time to meet him. But the real God would broadcast throughout the whole world until it can be heard right from inside the earth till the bottom of the sea that Allah is Most Great. Do you think there is another other than God who is true and dares to say out the azan (the call to perform prayers). Why doesn’t the church challenge the azan. Why don’t they announce the same wordings which is who meets the Pope will attain victory. You wouldn’t dare O jewish priests! When it is only Muhammad’s God who dares to say out the azan, you surely understand what that means. Until today, it irritates you so much that the azan is still heard all around the world, that, in the name of His destroyed religion, the name Allah still reigns as God Most Great. Although the muslim no longer understands but what matters now is that you understand. You tried your utmost to abolish the azan but it’s just like the case of the second sun that you cannot produce. And so you endure such pain everytime you hear the azan because it signifies your weaknesses and failure as your true god remains firmly Allah Most Great. He truly will not allow you to dominate the whole world as this is His Justice to all His servants.

O Jewish people,
You are so proud that you can convert people especially Muslims to become Jewish. Everyone wears coat and necktie, wears the Jewish hat and robe in the convocation ceremony, wears specific uniforms for specific profession for example doctors, lawyers, police, army, and others. You have paste onto the Vatican flag the key to develop the world until misfortune envelopes the whole children of Adam either they are Muslim or non Muslim. You deviate them all, either they realize it or not. Because money has become everyone’s utmost priority. Money is everything. Their financial resources rely totally on all sorts of occupations which you have created. If you do not work in the Jewish system, if you do not study at the Jewish school, then you cannot survive in this world. When in fact, the world had once attained peace and harmony before it fell into your hands.

O Jews!

It even bring you pride when people disunite, fight each other and engage in wars created by you. You are so called the reliable one. God and His Messenger are totally ignored. And you are finally so proud that not an inch of this earth escape your sight. You think your so called technology is good enough for you maintain yourself in this world and what can Muhammad’s God do after this? And so, you say with much arrogance and egotism’s ” Welcome Muhammad. We will give you the Vatican flag as a symbol of this scourged world. This world is in our control (under our feet), and we truly want to see Muhammad bring Islam to the whole world again?”

O Jews,

Actually the Muhammad has come to earth a long ago. Muhammad has challenged the Jewish system. It is now about 200 years ago when Haramain fall onto your hands. I am the one who send him as a messenger, that is as a messenger to the messenger of God. We chose a location which no one ever thought of, including you, to be our base. It involves a few countries in the far East where in fact you were also there as their colonials. But you managed to detect the smell of fragrance that you fear so much. And so you decide to kill him. And he died as you presumed. Did you think that God did not allow Muhammad to save His Messenger from your evilness of wanting him dead? No O Jews! In fact Muhammad retained his loved one alive just as Saidina Isa AS escaped the murder that you intended for him but it hit another person.
This has been happening for 85 years O jews.And you never knew it is still happening. And there is something else that you have never thought of. I have a second messenger in this world. His name is not Muhammad. But his being is also Muhammad, the third Muhammad. In the sky, we call him Syuib bin Soleh. But if you find this name on earth, you will definitely kill my loved one. Isn’t God of Muhammad wise because He taught me how to cheat you. Because his name on this Earth is not Syuib bin Soleh. O Jews you have been cheated again, within the thousands of cheatings that you have made upon the muslim ummah.
And so with the movement of Muhammad, a beautiful Islamic way of life which is strong and complete eventually emerged which took place in your hometown. Muhammad had a chance to spread the knowledge in your village. But until today, when Allah has fulfilled His promise to Muslims, that Imam Mahdi has arrived, O you are still confused! What is the relationship between Syuib bin Soleh with the second Muhammad that you have been waiting for?
Let me tell you the secret now. The third Muhammad obtained seven names from God. All those names are used to address him by my relatives who are very loyal to him. Even though you try to label him a deviant, prison him for 10 years, condemn him at all mosques throughout the whole of his country, make him a refuge for 7 years by your on people, pursue him and his followers like a cat with scabies, block his economy and social activities as well as any opportunity available in the country, ban all books and magazines and all forms of written and electronic publication which they produce. His jamaah is proclaimed to be a deviant although he strived for Allah and His Prophet. All Islamic Scholars created by you label him a deviant. Eventually you curse evil spells upon him with the biggest jewish black magic and a thousand form of cruelty has been cast onto himself, his family and jamaah.Yet finally today he and his jamaah is being well accepted by all except by a small portion of you team who are evil at heart.
It is the result of a campaign in the name of God carried out by the party of God which has reached out into everyone’s heart who wants to be be close to God. Eventually their hearts decide to accept and support Abuya and his jamaah.

O Jews,

My people, the third Muhammad comes before the second Muhammad to prepare the base for the second Muhammad on this earth. I am the first Muhammad that plan all of these to both the second and third Muhammad. You do know that I am Muhammad. I am the Nur (light of) Muhammad that will never be shut down by a thousand darkness that you created even after I die. I am actually still alive and still active guiding my people. And I am the one writing this letter for you o enemy of God. Indeed all your evil effort to steal my body in your attempt to disgrace it had always been a failure mainly because I am actually not dead as you said. You deceive Muslim people by saying Muhammad has died, but actually you are the one who is waiting for me to come again into this world.
Yes, now you know that the second Muhammad whom you tried to kill 85 years ago has returned to earth under the order of the first Muhammad. Together with him is the third Muhammad that I had made him disappeared when you tried to kill him. It was on the day he said ” Come and get me because I am the one that you have been looking for. I am Putra Bani Tamim for Malaysia and I am Satria Peninggit for Indonesia”
You are very angry with my hero, and so you pursue him. Then when you are really close to catching him, it came out in the TV station that Abuya has died. So, you are being cheated again by Allah the Almighty. Think again, how can the Messenger of Allah and His Rasul who has been assigned to complete Allah’s Grand Design suddenly die off before his victory? Did you think that Allah cannot overcome your obstacles? If that is what you think, you are certainly not the Jews that I mean! Because the real Jews know God better, Most Fearless God who broadcast in every mosque and musolla around the world tell five times a day that He is the Almighty God. He is the Owner of this world, nothing is impossible for Him. He can make you think that the three people that you kill had died but actually they are not dead. They come to me, and live with me, physically. Like I have physically travelled to Sidratul Muntaha and met God. These three people are given the task to finish off the Jews from this earth.

Saiyyidina Syuib bin Soleh (Putra Bani Tamim)
Saiyyidina Muhammad bin Abdullah (Imamul Mahdi)
Saiyyidina Isa AS (the son of Maryam RA)

In reality, Jews know about this and they know better than the Islamic scholars. But jealousy and revenge make them deny all and proclaimed that all is merely nonsense. Damn to Muhammad’s God that promise all these. We will destroy it to its roots.
O Jews, your evilness is totally shocking. But no matter how stupid the ummah of Muhammad, they can be saved. How can you plan to die for the sake of this evilness?
O Jews,
Soon when the Muslim people is going to see Abuya with Imam Mahdi suddenly appear in this world again, together they will say  ”Who has been cheating us about this promise of God?”  When they know it is all done by Jews. Please be informed that it will not take us long to say goodbye to Jews. The time has come. We have found the path for us to return to to Siratul Mustaqim, the way of Allah and His Rasul. And you surely know how much you have to pay for all the demolishment that you have inflicted upon our generations so that it does not repeat or continue anymore. You had to take 1000 years to destroy all the development that I have created on this earth. Whereas in order to fix it with Allah’s help, we can finish it in less than half of the time that you took. The technology of God is better than God’s enemy right? Repent o Jews, you know that during my time, there are Jewish people who embraced Islam.
Finally, o enemy of the truth,
Why only now you expose all the secrets after keeping them for 1000 years? Yes, it is true that Muslims people cannot do anything, but they will get angry and rely highly on the much awaited Imam Mahdi. That means you have done a big mistake by exposing this big secret. How is it that iblis can make such a mistake?
Actually what the Jews have done in the New World Order plan created by the Zionist protocol is:-

Took the knowledge from Al Quran that can benefit them for development purposes.
Whichever knowledge that put them at lost, Jews took it too but they turn all the words around..
The promise by Allah for Muslims is greatly opposed and they fought all out against it..

As a result of all these, Allah allows this world to fall into your hands. In fact, if you had not learned from Muhammad, all these would not have happened to you. Aren’t you ashamed to learn from your enemy? Then you prided over it claiming all to be yours rightfully! Actually soon when you see Muhammad uses the spiritual technology that Allah gives to them which easily overrides your technology 1000 times more. You will be ashamed to be proud. Destruction will hit all your belongings when Islam returns to be an empire that will save the world. You just have to wait a little bit more, just a few days more. Tsunami have hit the Jewish centers in Arab Saudi. They are like the explosions from the volcanic mountains. The larva will surround Israel meaning your cruelty in Gaza and all around the world will perish. With the Will Of Allah, at that time Islam will return to magnify Allah as Most Supreme and the Prophet will be so meaningful and much treasured by them.
This is all for now. Thank you and my doa from the Last Prophet to all his ummah. Wassalam.

Fight For Sacred Sex Is Obligatory

MAKKAH: Madam Hatijah Aam, wife of the late Ashaari Muhammad, denied allegations from some parties that the publication of the book Islamic Sacred Sex was intended to challenge JAKIM, the missionary body and marriage training body for this nation.

She spoke with Buletin Rakyat, saying that the publication of the book Islamic Sacred Sex was due to the need to fulfill the responsibility in giving solutions to the problems of social degradation caused by the widespread practice of haram (illicit) sex. Global Ikhwan Sendirian Berhad (GISB) feels responsible with the many cases of abandon babies, other social problems involving the Muslim community lately.

“ Honestly, we deeply respect the role of JAKIM which continuously place Islam on its track. This includes holding courses for marriage and the like. However, with the publication of the book ISS, it was not meant to take over the responsibility and the role of specific parties but simply to put forward a useful view for the good of the Muslims too.

“Probably it is as an improvement for the currently available marriage courses to produce families which are blessed by Allah SWT both in this world and hereafter. For GISB, it is not wrong for us to share and compare our opinions instead of us giving the meaning of the publication of ISS which is obviously unbalanced,” she said. Continue reading

Shocking Predictions – Celente said: that in the year 2012 America will turn into an underdeveloped nation

Ramshackle: This home looks barely able to stand up but still houses a homeless person, who has also brought their car to the community .

The man who predicted the 1987 stock market crash and the fall of the Soviet Union is now forecasting a revolution in America , food and tax rebellions – all within four years, while cautioning that putting food on the table will be a more pressing concern than buying Christmas gifts by 2012.

Gerald Celente, the CEO of Trends Research Institute, is renowned for his accuracy in predicting future world and economic events, which will send a chill down your spine considering what he told Fox News this week.

elente says that by 2012 America will become an underdeveloped nation, that there will be a revolution marked by food riots, squatter rebellions, tax revolts and job marches, and that holidays will be more about obtaining food, not gifts.

“We ‘ re going to see the end of the retail Christmas… we ‘ re going to see a fundamental shift take place… putting food on the table is going to be more important than putting gifts under the Christmas tree,” said Celente, adding that the situation would be “worse than the great depression.”

Celente : "giants (would) tumble to their deaths,"

“America’s going to go through a transition the likes of which no one is prepared for,” said Celente, noting that people ‘ s refusal to acknowledge that America was even in a recession highlights how big a problem denial is in being ready for the true scale of the crisis.

Celente, who successfully predicted the 1997 Asian Currency Crisis, the subprime mortgage collapse and the massive devaluation of the U.S. dollar, told UPI in November last year that the following year would be known as “The Panic of 2008,” adding that “giants (would) tumble to their deaths,” which is exactly what we have witnessed with the collapse of Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns and others. He also said that the dollar would eventually be devalued by as much as 90 percent.

The consequence of what we have seen unfold this year would lead to a lowering in living standards, Celente predicted a year ago, which is also being borne out by plummeting retail sales figures.

The prospect of revolution was a concept echoed by a British Ministry of Defence report last year, which predicted that within 30 years, the growing gap between the super rich and the middle class, along with an urban underclass threatening social order would mean, “The world ‘ s middle classes might unite, using access to knowledge, resources and skills to shape transnational processes in their own class interest,” and that, “The middle classes could become a revolutionary class.”

In a separate recent interview, Celente went further on the subject of revolution in America . “There will be a revolution in this country,” he said. “It ‘ s not going to come yet, but it ‘ s going to come yet inline and we ‘ re going to see a third party and this was the catalyst for it: the takeover of Washington, D.C., in broad daylight by Wall Street in this bloodless coup. And it will happen as conditions continue to worsen.”

“The first thing to do is organise with tax revolts. That’s going to be the big one because people can’t afford to pay more school tax, property tax, any kind of tax. You’re going to start seeing those kinds of protests start to develop.” “It’s going to be very bleak. Very sad. Continue reading

Signs of the beginning of Islamic Rule : Christian leaders talk about marriage and sex

(Christianity are being transformed to be Islam with Prophet Isa a.s.)

VINCENT YU/AP - Rick Warren, Tim Keller and a number of other prominent Christian leaders are promoting the joys of married sex to a culture largely averse to traditional approaches to marriage and sexuality.

From Washington Post’s : Christian leaders talk about marriage and sex

Last week, Rick Warren sent this message to the nearly 500,000 people who follow him on Twitter: “Husbands & wives should satisfy each other’s sexual needs. 1 Cor 7:3.”

His Twitter feed lit up with amens and retweets. “Oh gosh,” exclaimed one follower.

Evangelical Christians want to talk about sex. And not in the same old punitive way. They want to talk about hot sex — as long as it’s between a man and a woman who are husband and wife. That Warren, perhaps the nation’s most prominent evangelical pastor, would take up the cause only shows how much it matters to the people who listen to him.
Warren has a huggy-bear personal style that sometimes drifts toward over-sharing, and in another tweet he recently wrote: “Sex with 1 wife for Life ISNT like playing 1 record over&over but learning 1 instrument well for yrs of beautiful music!” (I can almost see his wife, Kay, far more restrained and private than her husband, blushing.)

This sexual revolution is the inevitable result of a younger Christian generation rejecting outright the prudish “don’t do it because I said so” approach to sex and social morality of their grandfathers. According to a recent article in Christian magazine Relevant, 80 percent of self-identified Christians have sex before marriage, compared with 88 percent of the general population. According to “UnChristian,” a 2008 book by David Kinnaman and Gabe Lyons, 44 percent of born-again Christians ages 23 to 41 believe sex outside marriage is morally acceptable, compared with 23 percent of those who are older. Divorce rates among evangelicals are the same as those in the population at large.

Lisa Miller : I have heard Warren on marriage and think he is convincing. He has a "warts and all" approach to talking about marriage that is both warm and realistic. He once said to me, "Before marriage, opposites attract. After marriage, opposites attack." In other words, he doesn't sentimentalize marriage nor do he and Kay act as though they have any perfect arrangement. I think his discourses on marriage are one of his great strengths.

The model Christian marriage, moreover, has traditionally been one in which the wife bows to the will of her husband the way a Christian does to God, but many evangelical women are in the midst of their own liberation movement. They are reinterpreting Scriptural verses requiring them to “submit” and “obey,” and they’re no longer content to “be known as the quiet, meek, pathetic group that doesn’t get to experience twenty-first century freedom,” as Jonalyn Fincher writes in the afterword to “UnChristian.”

By the same token, the sexual satisfaction of Christian women historically has not been of high importance. Even today, the Focus on the Family Web site includes categories such as “Understanding Your Husband’s Sexual Needs” and “When Your Husband Isn’t Interested in Sex.”

The new sex talk is a way, then, of meeting Christians where they are. With explicit descriptions of the ecstasies of the married state, Christian leaders hope to persuade a younger generation that what they call “Biblical marriage” — a faithful, monogamous, heterosexual union before God — is relevant and valuable in the modern world. To be blunt: They hope the promise of hot sex will keep young people from drifting away from church. Their worries are not unfounded. The number of young people who say they’re “unaffiliated” with any religious tradition stands at 31 percent, the fastest growing religious cohort in the country.

Now Tim Keller, pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City has entered the conversation. He devotes the last chapter of his new book, “The Meaning of Marriage,” (written with his wife, Kathy) to sex. Keller, who ministers mainly to single professionals in Manhattan, provides readers with general (hot) guidelines on married sex, such as:

“Each partner in a marriage is to be most concerned not with getting sexual pleasure but with giving it. . . . The greatest sexual pleasure should be the pleasure of seeing your spouse getting pleasure.”

The couple also confesses, in an intimate way, to their early marital struggles with sex. “We came to realize,” Kathy writes, “that orgasm is great, especially climaxing together. But the awe, the wonder, the safety, and the joy of just being one is stirring even without that. And when we stopped trying to perform . . . things started to move ahead.”

In church, Keller is an intimidating force, an intellectually demanding Calvinist who preaches frequently on sin. Passages like these compel you to imagine him at his most vulnerable. Is it uncomfortable? Yes. Do Keller, and Warren, and others fall short by failing to include gays and lesbians in their vision of married love? Yes. But with their clinical frankness, these leaders are giving real sex to Christians the way “The Joy of Sex” gave it to the masses back in 1972

O The one who is reading,

We are extremely astonished to know about the revolution in Christianity, bringing transformation in  the sacred marriage institution.

Yes, it is true, the Jews mutilate the religion in the name of religion. Towards Islam, it is even worse, nevertheless it was really unexpected to know that there are a group of Christians who are fighting so that sex is cleansed again in the name of Christianity.

If the universe has really changed itself this way on the command of its Owner that is the Messenger of Allah, Prophet Muhammad PBUH, certainly one day will come to prove that Prophet Isa descends back to earth, to authenticate the government of Imam Mahdi on earth at that moment and he will call upon all Christians followers so that they will convert to Islam. Then, because of his truth which is very obvious, all Christian followers become believers of Islam.

O Allah, O The Power of administration of the universe, who delegates it upon Prophet Muhammad PBUH, if that is the truth, please fulfill what You promised, beginning from this Hijrah year of 1433. Ameen.

Women to the forefront

The Star Saturday 3 Dec 2011

( An extract from the article)

The fairer sex seems to be in an apparent bid to take over control. It’s happening right at our backyard with the women-only train coaches, taxis and now Malaysia’s first women’s radio station in Capital FM 88.9. Maybe it’s time for men to re-affirm who’s the boss … or not.

( In the hard copy of the this edition of The Star, besides the columnist’s photo, noted a caption in bold and red letters: ”

Ouch!! Looks like men will be kicked out of the bedroom to the kitchen.
The Obedient Wives Club should protest against such an emasculating statement”

MEN, watch out. If we are not careful, sooner or later women will take control and kick us out of the bedroom. Don’t give me that quizzical macho look! The signs are there. Women-only Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad coaches. Then women-only taxis. And now Malaysia’s first women’s radio station Capital FM 88.9. To paraphrase Helen Reddy’s song I am Woman, women are roaring “in numbers too big to ignore”.

Comments from Nur Muhammad Bulletin on the above article:

Allah has decreed:

“Men are leaders and guardians of women because God has favored some more than others and because they (i.e. men) spend out part of their wealth. In their turn, righteous women are meant to be devoted ( to Allah and her husband) and the one who guards ( her honour and whatever that must be guarded) during the absence of her husband, with Allah’s protection and help. As for those women on whose part you fear ill-will and nasty conduct, admonish them (first), (next) leave them alone in beds (and last) beat or separate them (from you). But if they obey you, then seek nothing against them. Behold, God is most High and Great. ( An-Nisa:34)

A train coach and taxis only for women are alright. Just say it is to help reduce men overpowering the ladies because of free social interactions. I ( a female ) had been knocked from behind by a male private part (within his trousers ) during hustling ( while standing) in a crowded bus.

But if the motive for this gender segregation is for women to show their authority, that is unlikely. Because, Allah has prepared during the Mahdi’s time in future, all these modern women will submit towards the male leadership. At that moment, all wives will certainly obey their husbands willingly and with pride!